The frontliners, our BHero

As demand grew within the vicinity of’s operating regions decided to adopt the sharing economy approach in 2017 to onboard GIG workers known as BHero into its ecosystem.

Each member of the A-Team was upskilled as a trainer and a recruiter to cater for the influx of BHero applicants. They provide automotive related trainings, quality assurance and even self enhancement modules to successfully recruited BHero.

The A-Team’s experience and feedbacks from the ground are progressively documented and constantly used as a source of improvement by all aspect of operations.

Today, a total of 522 BHero are actively engaged within the company’s ecosystem while being supervised and monitored by the A-Team in ensuring excellent service are provided every time, all the time.

Our licencees, the BPreneurs

BPrenuer is a tried and tested business model to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and like-minded Malaysians.

BPreneur plays the role of carrying out local marketing effort and at the same time providing employment opportunities to the locals through the BHero program.

Today, have registered a total of 61 BPreneurs across key economic regions including Southern, Northern, Central and the East coast, anad targeting a total of 100 BPreneurs by the end of Financial Year 2021.

Available through multiple touchpoints, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, customers can reach via our mobile app, web booking, hotline, Whatsapp, social media or even walk-in straight to our 60 branches and BPreneurs across Malaysia

Our network extension, the BBuddies established the BBuddy program to serve the roadside assistance (Breakdown) market and also workshop (Bengkel) market.

It is basically a collaboration effort between with Breakdown partners such as tow truck operators and mobile mechanics while ‘Bengkel’ partners include service / tyre / aircond / repair ‘Bengkel’s. is ‘mobilizing’ conventional workshop by enabling its mechanic to receive jobs via mobile app and assisting customers on-site. Rather than waiting for walk-in customers, is empowering workshop owners to venture outside their comfort zone and improve sales conversion. This is a real solution very much needed by conventional workshops to survive during current MCO and beyond because the world has gone mobile!

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