The blood, sweat and tears begins here


At, we aim to provide Awesome Customer Experience, Everytime, All the Time. Akademi Bateriku is dedicated to educating our nationwide network in order to streamline each and every one of our customers’ experience.
At Akademi Bateriku, we offer a comprehensive automotive training program endorsed by Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) and Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK), Agencies under the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia. Through the infrastructures established which includes class rooms (theory) and physical garage, trainees will learn vital skills using advanced in house tools and technologies, guided by industry experts.
To date, Akademi Bateriku have trained over 1,000 BHero (Gig Technicans), 100 BPreneurs (Enterpreneurs) and BBuddy (Workshop Partners) to learn, relearn and upskill themselves
Akademi Bateriku has also completed multiple training programs with government agencies namely PUNB Autopro, MARA Pembangunan Usahawan and Petronas AutoExpert
Our ecosystem is fundamental to our mission, ensuring that our team is not only skilled in the latest automotive techniques but also masters of customer service, thus guaranteeing Awesome Customers Experience, Everytime, All the Time.
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