Bateriku Garage (BGarage) is a repair, service and maintenance outlet for light vehicles including both passenger service vehicles and commercial vehicles. BGarage also provides repair and maintenance works for hybrid and Electric vehicles, focussing on the following:-

    • Engine diagnostic and troubleshooting

    • Hybrid and electric vehicle service and diagnostic

    • Hybrid and electric vehicle aircon diagnostic
BGarage optimizes’s on-demand fulfilment model by providing solution to non-battery related traffic receive from its 24/7/365 Contact Centre as well as Insurance partners and clienteles.
In addition, BGarage also function as the practical centre for trainings conducted by Akademi Bateriku.
BGarage offers a one-stop solution for customers facing alternator and starter issues, supported by our dedicated teams. Additionally, through our BBuddy network, we provide reliable towing services, managed centrally at's Command Centre. In terms of vehicle maintenance, BGarage offers both minor and major services. Upon arrival, we conduct a comprehensive, complimentary inspection covering various components, including alternator, starter, engine oil, brakes, coolant, and gearbox. Following this inspection, we provide professional guidance to the owner before proceeding with any necessary maintenance or repairs.
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