First responders, rescuers and problem solvers.

Not all heroes wear cape

As part of the growing automotive battery replacement and 24-hour road service assistant in the country, we have been giving our best services since our establishment in 2014. This was made possible by our professionally trained Bateriku Hero - or BHero, as we fondly called them - who always give their best not only for the company but for their services as well.

BHeroes, who are they?

BHero is our front line technicians who are always ready to help and assist's customers who is experiencing car battery problems. Our BHeroes are the vital component of the company in our effort to expand our car batteries and roadside assistance ecosystem thoughout the country.

Always ready to help - fast and efficient. That's what heroes do!

It pays to be a Hero

Heroes are often glorified but not paid. The glory is the only reward. This is totally not true in our BHero case. Our BHeroes enjoy great perks and benefits. And of course, they have the ability to earn income from it.

Income Earning Heroes

On average, our BHeroes can earn as much as RM4000 per month. Some of them earns even higher. Help more and earn more!

Heroes Trainings

Our BHeroes are professionals. They have the skills but we further enhance those skills through comprehensive and continuous trainings

Heroes Flexibilities

Our BHeroes need to be on alert all the time. That is why we gave them flexibilities in terms of time and also their area of operations.
Sounds interesting so far? Join our BHeroes Legion now, or read on to know more

What are the criteria that we look for in our BHero?

01. Honesty and Integrity

These are the pillars of our requirement. They are the very essence of any hero. Our BHeroes are required to serve with honesty and integrity

02. Malaysian citizen

At this point of time, our BHeroes are limited to Malaysian citizen between the age of 18 - 45 years young

03. Valid driving license

Unless you can fly and has the strength like Superman, our BHeroes need to drive around with all the tools and batteries. Therefore, valid driving license in Malaysia is pre-requisite in order to join our BHero Legion.

Our BHero Journey

Don't just take our words. Meet Hafiz, one of our BHero and experience his journey as a hero with

Common Questions

Need more info? Checkout the most common questions regarding our BHero.

01. Is there any registration fee imposed by to those who wish to join the BHero?

Not at this moment. does not impose any registration fee for now. However, this term may change based on the needs and also situations. We will issue an official memo for any changes made.

02. I am a woman, can I join the BHero Legion? Or is it only open to men?

Yes, you can also be a hero. We do not limit our hero to be only male

03. How frequent is the BHero training programs?

Each of our BHero is required to attend theoritical training sessions organized every Tuesday and Friday (except on Public holidays). After that, you need to go through a hands-on practical sessions for you to experience the real situations on the ground

04. Is there any terms and condition and/or agreement imposed by

Yes, will prepare a written contract to our potential heroes who have passed the theoritical and practical basic trainings

Ready to join the BHero Legion?

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