Multiple payment systems

As looks to disrupt and digitalize the Battery, Breakdown and ‘Bengkel’ (car workshop) market, we understood the fact that to do so successfully is to deliver Awesome Customer Experience, every time, all the time in everything that we do.

It is not a secret that started off as a brick-and-mortar faction that provides on-demand battery replacement service directly to customers. We started off with a band of 5, whom all used their personal phones to receive customers orders, used their own motorcycles to deliver directly to the customer and of course use their own knowledge and capability to inspect and install batteries: all within 30 minutes upon receiving a customer’s order. At that time, we only collected cash as a method of payment.

Today, a lot of those processes have been able to be automated, enabling to grow faster not just within the Battery market but also into the Breakdown and ‘Bengkel’ (car workshop) market.

Alhamdulillah, we have now served close to 1 Million customers nationwide while our touchpoints have recently reached 100 Pitstops in all key economic regions including Central, Southern, Northern and the East Coast. Our latest milestone is the establishment of our BPreneur network in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in November 21 recently.

Our ecosystem of BHero has reached the 1,000 mark using the gig economy model while our BBuddy network has totalled up to 3,000 workshops nationwide to cater the constant demand from car owners nationwide.

In an effort to both scale up our ecosystem and maintaining Awesome Customer Experience, every time, all the time, today, not only do we accept cash and the usual online banking transfer, we’ve also enabled multiple payment systems for the benefit of our growing customer database.

These multiple payment systems are enabled through strategically developing collaboration with prominent digital payment powerhouses including Boost, GRAB and most recently Touch and Go. These collaborations have enabled our customers to pay for our services through their e-wallets or even pay directly by scanning a unique static QR placed when they walk-in to any of our 100 Pitstops nationwide

In addition, we’ve also developed a strong relationship with UEM Sunrise, one of the nations prominent property developers when we manage to secure our presence in the UEM HUB app to provide our services to UEM Sunrise homeowners through its app.

Having our presence in all these platforms is not the end game as we look to further expand respective collaboration through an exclusive A.P.I Integration that looks to provide SOS services to all car owners. By doing so, we believe that we will be able to value-add their platforms and increase stickiness by providing our on-the-ground ecosystem network and services for Battery, Breakdown and ‘Bengkel’ to all of their respective users.

We’ve also developed a strategic collaboration with Paylater, a local payment and instalment provider where users will be able to make up to 4 times payment instalments for our services. The collaboration with Paylater was initiated based on customers reasoning for not changing their batteries due to lack of cash. This scenario occurs 80% of the time starting from the 10th of every month and the trend has been consistent since 2014 up till today.

In 2022, not only will look to aggressively pursue the SOS button initiative, but we will also increase our collaboration effort as we look to penetrate the telco, property, banking and even the mobility industry just to name a few.

The possibilities are endless and we’re definitely excited about the future. With our growing capabilities both on the technology end as well as our on-the-ground ecosystem, InsyaAllah the sky is the limit for to scale even faster and stronger.

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