Last update : 26 September 2023

1. Term of Payment

1.1 Mode of Payment
All payments are to be made via the app. Cash transaction is not acceptable. Bateriku only accepts online payment for any of its Roadside Assistance Services. Bateriku reserves the right to refuse in performing its services should this term is not met.

1.2. Service Fees
When a customer request for an assistance, Bateriku will verify details and indicate actual charges to the customer. Once the customer agrees with the price stated, online payment is required to be made by the customer before Bateriku proceeds to dispatch its network to perform the said service(s).

2. Cancellation and Refund Policy

2.1 Full Refund
Cancellation request that occurs less than 15 minutes after Bateriku assign order to service provider.

2.2. Partial Refund
Cancellation request more than 15 minutes after Bateriku assign order to service provider. Partial Refund will be made within 7 working days:
a. Towing Service: RM50
b. Repair on Site Service: RM30

3. Other Charges

3.1. Customer shall pay the following charges:
a. 1-way toll fee
b. Custom Levy fee

4. Vehicle Damage

4.1 Customer is advised to take 4 pictures (the front, rear, right & left side) of their vehicle before and after a service is provided by Bateriku.
4.2.Customer is required to provide Bateriku Customer Service with supporting proof including picture and/or video displaying the damages.
4.3. Bateriku will investigate within 3 working days and will take full responsibility should the damage is caused by its service provider.

5. Limitation of Service

The condition of roads, Act of God, riot, war, the authority of law, strikes or labour unrest the existence of violence, or such possible disturbances as to create reasonable apprehension of danger to person or property.

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