end-to-end solutions:On demand battery, breakdown, bengkel services directly to you.

Today, has a customer base of 1 Million vehicles served and the customer traction is still growing strong. In an age dominated by consumer satisfaction, Alhamdulillah, has able to seamlessly adapt its way of doing things with today’s ever-changing lifestyle market.

The automotive industry today is customer dictated because almost every aspect of today’s lifestyle is influenced by speed. That is why have strategically sync’d our 24/7 call-centre operations with various customer touchpoints within the digital space – especially through its continuously improved Bateriku Customer App. With this app, car owners are now just a few clicks away from making their car breakdown nightmare – a thing of the past.


Being one of the pioneers within the battery delivery ecosystem, realize that in an age dominated by consumer impressions, the enablement of digital platforms alone cannot be taken as a guarantee for any form of success. A holistic synergy between the old and the new way of doing things, coupled with how consumers see a brand will become the defining factor in determining success – especially in today’s rapidly evolving gig economy.


Delivering quality products is the pillar that forms but establishing a lasting impression through the services provided is the roof that shelters this company. Consumer satisfaction is key. The impression that we leave to each and every one of our consumer matters – because it is the basis of how consumers and the community perceive each time our brand is made visible.


Being in this vertical industry for the past seven years, seems to have mastered the art of turning the many disadvantages of a brick-and-mortar faction into its advantage. Apart from its growing presence in the digital space, Bateriku,com has established itself as the widest covering on demand battery replacement services in Malaysia, today – made possible by strategically combining digital technology capabilities such as data management skills with its vast and still growing network of ecosystem partners including its BPreneurs (Dealers), BHero (gig economy technicians) and BBuddy (workshop partners).


As with all things, practise makes perfect. have gotten off the side-lines and have begun leveraging digital technologies with our experience in this brick-and-mortar industry. For the past 3 years, we’ve been actively designing new customer market and crafting out new strategies to scale even further. With technology infusing every layer of our operations, digital maturity across has become a prerequisite for our moving forward strategies. believes in executing a management strategy – be it branding or operations – based on the combination of consumer patterns and its ecosystem’s on-the-ground experience that will enable to match different customer lifestyle demand faster, thus creating new sectors to expand our reach beyond the batteries horizon including the breakdown, bengkel and soon to be Bazaar (digital) markets.


Soon, will be able to offer roadside assistance services through its customer app trucks to locksmiths and even to the simplistic services of delivering petrol when you ran out while still being on the road.


Powered by the vast network and experience of, its customer app is built with the intention to dominate and re-distribute high customer demand for better service efficiency, thus creating a strong network loyalty between the platform; between both on-the road consumers as well as the roadside assistance partners.


With brand making inroads into various the 4 B’s sector of Battery, Breakdown, Bengkel and Bazaar sectors, InsyaAllah we will be able to become a lifestyle brand synonymous to car owners everywhere in Malaysia.

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