We have managed to operate 100 Pitstop Outlets nationwide

buy anywhere, support everywhere

As the Year 2021 draws to a close, at we are privilege to inform all of our customers that as of today, we have managed to operate 100 Pitstop Outlets nationwide. This amazing feat would not have been possible without your continuous support and trust towards our services.

Just to recap, when we first started back in 2014 our objective was to provide services that would benefit stranded car owners. We know from experience that breakdowns caused by battery issues are definitely a pain any car owner regardless of their age, gender or race should avoid avoid at all costs!


Cases such as stranded in the middle of nowhere, being bullied into taking unwanted towing services and most recently cars stranded due to floods have inspired us to keep on improving our services by increasing our service touchpoints.


Bateriku Pitstop is a model that we came up concurrently with the revolution of our business strategy: customer nearest to stock and BHero nearest to customer. It is a business model that is inspired by the gig or sharing economy concept provided by the GRAB and Food Panda’s of the world.


In order to fulfil a stranded customer’s demand, we have increased our efforts in increasing our stock location through the opening of Bateriku Pitstops which are operated either internally by our A-Team or through our BPreneur program.


Within each key economic regions of Klang Valley, Southern, Northern and the East Coast, a Bateriku branch is firstly set up and operated. Here, A-Teams will firstly be recruited to run the day-to-day operations while at the same time identifying potential hotspots for future BPreneurs.


Concurrently, through our collaboration with franchisor and government agencies, our Network Development team will then recruit potential and capable BPreneurs to fill in the potential hotspots suggested by our local A-Team members.


Within the Klang Valley area, the setting up of Bateriku Pitstops are dominated by our internally developed while for the outside of Klang Valley areas, our Pitstop model is open to aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to become a part of the our ecosystem through the BPreneur program.


The first BPreneur outlet was opened back in 2018 in Banting and Alhamdulillah it is still operating up until today. In fact, the owner has just recently decided to expand together with his son. Alhamdulillah, we are proud to have capable and trustworthy BPreneurs with us nationwide.


Every Pitstop operator, regardless if it is through our internal team or BPreneur are required to adhere to our strict process flows including managing of stocks available, managing operations through our internally developed system and apps as well as providing localized marketing effort to increase awareness of our presence within the surrounding vicinity.


In addition, each Pitstop operator is required to attend the nationwide warranty principle of buy anywhere, support everywhere which means that they will need to attend to the customer regardless of the origin of the products purchased.


To illustrate, a customer may purchase a battery from a Pitstop in Perling, Johor but ends up having a breakdown in Jitra, Kedah while still under the warranty period. Upon the customers requests through our multiple touch points, the nearest Pitstop in Jitra to the said customer will then be assigned through our Command Centre to attend to the customer to provides a seamless experience as though the purchase was made back in Pitstop Perling.


To date, we have managed to establish 100 Pitstops nationwide and with our growing ecosystem of BHero and BBuddy network, we believe that InsyaAllah we will be able to cater to your breakdown needs whatever it may be where ever you will be. From towing services to fuel top-up and tyre replacements, “Jangan tertipu, Pastikan Bateriku.”

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