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here's the deal

You have to be highly skilled in diagnosing and resolving mechanical issues, the professional excels in expertly repairing and replacing vehicle parts for customers. With a keen focus on comprehensive maintenance work, this individual ensures the optimal functionality and performance of vehicles. Known for proficiency in addressing a wide range of automotive concerns, they contribute to the reliability and longevity of vehicles through their adept handling of repairs and maintenance tasks.

how you fit in

• Candidate must possess at least Professional Certificate (e.g SKM Level 1, 2 or 3) or relevant qualification.

• Preferably candidate with minimum 1 year of related working experience.

critical skilss

• Integrity and trust

• Process management

• Technical learning

• Action oriented

What's the role

• Utilize diagnostic tools effectively for vehicle assessments.
•Conduct necessary tests using a scan tool to diagnose and troubleshoot issues accurately.
• Conduct thorough inspections on customer cars, meticulously examining all components and systems to identify potential issues.
•Effectively communicate identified issues to the service advisor, providing clear and detailed information for seamless customer communication.
•Skillfully change engine oil and replace filters with precision to maintain engine health.
•Perform thorough vehicle maintenance, applying automotive expertise for overall reliability and performance.
•Expertly repair or replace various vehicle components, applying in-depth knowledge and skills to ensure optimal functionality.
•Execute major tasks, including top overhauls and complete engine overhauls, showcasing advanced proficiency in complex automotive procedures.
•Optimize the use of workshop spaces, practical areas, and other facilities to maximize resource efficiency.
•Ensure the prompt maintenance and proper care of automotive tools and equipment, to minimize downtime and uphold operational efficiency.
•Enhance training programs by maximizing the use of specialized automotive training tools, organized and accessible tool placement.
•Maintain the currency of training equipment to align with industry standards and training requirements, ensuring adherence to the competence in utilizing specialized tools effectively.
•Demonstrate a dedication to ongoing improvement in auto workshop management processes, incorporating continuous learning and adherence to standardized procedures.

• Adhere strictly to safety protocols and industry regulations, ensuring a secure working environment for the team.
•Collaborate to implement 5S practices, including thorough cleaning and regular workshop inspections.
• Responsibly dispose of waste and organize tools systematically for optimal efficiency.
•Foster a culture of cleanliness and organization among team members, utilizing visual cues for designated storage areas.
•Maintain accurate and detailed records of repairs, services, and customer interactions for reference and reporting purposes.
•To ensure follows the company requirements and SOP have been state in the guidelines and job scope.

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