A Studio with Knowledge and Culture in Mind.

Motormaniac Studio by Bateriku.com

The Motormaniac Studio was established by Bateriku.com shortly before the global pandemic hit the nation. As a brand that aspires to penetrate the lifestyle segment, the Motor Maniac Studio was set up to provide car enthusiasts and Bateriku.com’s ecosystem to promote their brand and businesses digitally.

A Studio with Knowledge and Culture in Mind. We design the future, online and offline. We specialize in Mindset, Culture, and Customer Experience by offering consultancy and training, online and offline. We do live sessions and media production works not just for us, but also our partners and our ecosystem. 

We define culture framework blueprints.

We establish and execute Branded Customer Experience. 

We appreciate people, more than the products. 

We are who we are.


Our approach stems from our brand identity as a gig economy champion. We support Bateriku.com vision and mission as a nation building entity. However, when we team up with like-minded brands, we become vested partners in their business, products, and services to ensure growth.

We become AMAZING, because we collaborate with YOU!

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