Last update : 23 December 2021

Licencees Policy

Through its experience within the automotive industry, has developed its own entrepreneurship program called BPreneur to open up more opportunity for Malaysians to improve their standard of living.

In addition, has also groomed a number of BHero and transformed them to become BPreneur. For the record, there are currently close to 100 BPreneurs representing brand all over the country.

In a nutshell, is building a sustainable ecosystem comprising of BHero, BPreneur and BBuddy stakeholders. Each stakeholder is working together seamlessly on top of intelligent technology platform and the formula works well because brand has manage to attract sizeable sales traffic enabling constant job fulfilment by BHero and BPreneur with the BBuddy network is always ready to assist as and when required.

Our BPreneurs are strategically located in all key economic regions including Central, Northern, East Coast, Southern and most recently in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

With an aim to improve the standard of living for Malaysians, minimal set-up fee is required which also includes stock or battery allocation. In addition, as a BPreneur, their job traffic is not limited to just battery replacement jobs as road side assist jobs from ETIQA are also channelled to our BPreneurs depending on customers locations.

As a data driven company, will advise strategic locations to interested parties depending on population density, historical data on breakdown areas as well as financial management towards its applicants.

Basic Requirement

We may collect the following information:

i. Malaysia citizen Warganegara Malaysia

ii. 18 years of age and above

iii. Individual Owner / Partnership / Sdn Bhd

v. Not blacklisted / bankrupt

Start-up Cost

Basic Tools & Marketing Kit RM 6,000

Minimum of 50 battery purchase RM 10,000

Premise renovation (Min) RM 30,000

Documents Required

1. Copy of Registration Form

2. Copy of “Site Survey” for premise identified

3. Copy of Identification Card (IC)

4. Copy of SSM

5. Copy of Business License

6. Copy of 3 months Bank Statement (Individual) or 6 months (Company)

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