Customer happiness, exceeding expectations.

Enabling inclusive ecosystem via agile communication channels

From just three-men-show, we have grown to a full blown call centre that manage job orders, warranties and enquiries via multiple communication channels - providing awesome experience to our customers.

When we first started back in March 2014, there were 3 of us multi-tasking our way as a marketeer, battery installer and call center operators. This does not include other supporting tasks including stock take, accounts and administrative functions.

Back in those days, we never dreamt of creating a nationwide ecosystem network because back then, all we had was our personal mobile phones to receive orders and dispatch riders either through calls, Whatsapp or text messages.

As we hustle our way through, in January 2020, we managed to establish’s Command Centre in the heart of Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. Located a mere 10 minutes’ drive away from our Headquarters, the Command Centre, today is the epicenter of’s traffic redistribution.

A centralized source for orders received from multiple touchpoints including hotline, whatsapp and text messages, the Command Centre also redistribute orders to the closest stock location for orders received from App, Web, Chat and even Social Media channels.

Manning the floor are our professionally trained Customer Happiness Agents who are trained in providing Awesome Customer Experience, every time, all the time. We believe in building sustainable relationship with all of our stakeholders, both internal and external stakeholders.

From internal stakeholders including our BHero, BPreneur and BBuddy network, the Command Centre is responsible in creating an agile communication channel to enable an inclusive ecosystem that is capable to serve customers needs, anytime and anywhere

Harnessing the advancement of technology, the Command Centre monitors and controls on-the-ground job traffic to ensure customers are served within 30 to 45 minutes from an order is received.

The monitoring is assisted by a live performance tracking through an internally developed and owned on-the-fly dashboard that enables our agents to channel information efficiently and effectively. Our agents are able to handle high traffic request and speedy assignments for roadside assistance in regards to battery replacement, after sales and warranty handling.

In addition, Bateriku operations has significantly improves the supply chain from warehouse to all of our ecosystem stakeholders ensuring sufficient supply of stock for the evergreen demand for batteries, breakdown and ‘Bengkel’ services.

Today, not only is Bateriku has able to serve close to 1 Million nationwide customers, the Command Center is also responsible in managing orders from Breakdown to Roadside Assist 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Through our Command Centre and our on-the-ground network, we are currently servicing 1.2 Million ETIQA insurance policy subscribers. .

The Command Centre is an armory for Bateriku to disrupt and digitize the lucrative brick and mortar ‘Bengkel’ market into a single digital ecosystem that is beneficial to users and business owners alike.

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