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Do you spend time on the road as much as you did in the office during the course of the week? Does the long drive to and from work, coupled with the rush hour traffic on your way back home frustrates you? Well for most of us in the country, we spent nearly as much time on the road weekly rather than at home and with the increasing number of road users going back and forth on the daily, the probability of occurring road accidents are inevitable.

In Malaysia, car purchaser is needed to apply for their auto insurance to ensure that all road users are protected from unwanted incidents. Drivers are also constantly reminded by their insurance providers to renew their insurance on time or before the expiry date. Here’s some info regarding the insurance types and policies!

Road incidents statistics

Statistics indicate that before the pandemic hit in 2020, gradual cases of accidents in the country increased exponentially from 2016 to 2020 but fell into decline as the work from home rule were implemented by the government in March 2020. As for starters or even seasoned drivers, do you know that your only guarantee to not make your unwanted accident even worse, is by having an active auto insurance? What is auto insurance and why is it important for you to have it?

Insurance plans and premium benefits

In the event of an accident in which you are responsible, some auto insurance policy will pay for the damage to the other driver’s vehicle. There is also insurance which pays for the repair of your vehicle in the event of a collision or damage caused by a non-driving hazard such as an environmental hazard or natural disasters.

You have the choice of purchasing or renewing your automobile insurance directly from an insurance provider or through, where you can take advantage of the premium perks and discounts from the subscription.

  • Premium plans apply to your subscription through the exchange for the payment of a premium subscription, normally the insurance provider will compensate you for the damages that were specified in your policy.
  • Policies are usually priced separately, enabling you to choose your coverage levels to meet your specific needs and budget.
  • Policy durations are normally six or twelve months in length, with the option to renew at any time. Insurers will inform consumers when it is time to renew a policy and pay a new premium for the insurance.

The three types of insurance that you must know

Liability insurance – As mentioned earlier, there are types of insurance that protects and covers the damage caused by other drivers to your vehicle and also to ensure your vehicle to be protected from damages caused by unlicensed or uninsured motorist. Liability insurance does just that and for us living in Malaysia, it is a compulsory requirement for driving in the country and the price for subscription differs from each state.

Comprehensive insurance – A car insurance policy with comprehensive coverage will pay for damage to your vehicle that is not the result of an accident with another vehicle. It’s a requirement for automobiles that are either leased or presently being financed. Adding comprehensive vehicle insurance to a policy is optional, indicating that it’s an additional coverage that may be purchased.

Collision insurance – Is it recommended to acquire the collision insurance in case of any damage which will cause a certain amount payment for parts replacements caused by another vehicle or fixed object. In case the accident is not your fault, the required party will need to cover the damaged caused. Collision claim can be claimed or reimbursed for any repair cost. Pairing this with Liability and comprehensive insurance, you will be able to receive the utmost protection and coverage from all aspect of auto insurance.

Always remember to keep your vehicle checked from its condition to the insured policies which you’ve subscribed to! offers an offer for customers who are looking to renew their insurance. 

Customers will be able to get a RM10 discount for their next battery purchase and a 3% discount on insurance renewal when you renew with! Remember that your safety is also our concern and we encourage you to renew your insurance before heading out for your daily drive or holiday trip! Learn more at

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