Zero inventory and access to more than 1 million B2C customers to earn passive traffic.

join as a bbuddy

BBuddy are independent workshops and roadside assist providers that supply’s product and service offerings via traffics received from its 24/7/365 Contact Centre.

Joining us as a BBuddy will gain your business numerous advantages including passive traffics, non-inventory holding programs, exclusive pricing and marketing support

To date, we have recruited more than 3,000 roadside assist providers and workshops nationwide.

This program is established to empower BBuddy with the tools and support needed to succeed and grow in today's competitive automotive market.

bBUDDY benefits

Free Car Battery Delivery

Free Delivery

Order On Demand

24 Hours Customer Support

Nationwide Car Battery Warranty by Bateriku

Nationwide Battery Assist

Customer Traffic From

frequently asked question through its 24/7/365 contact center will provide traffic received from its customers-end users, fleet companies & insurance companies.

Through's 24/7-hour contact center and nationwide nationwide pitstop outlet, BBuddy can make orders anytime and can expect delivery within 30 to 45 minutes.

Nationwide Battery Assist (NBA) is designed to support BBuddy's stranded customers by offering roadside assist services for the customer's to get back to the BBuddy's workshop. 

Nationwide Warranty Assist (NWA) is an after sales support program provided by for all vehicle owners for product's purchased from its BBuddy. will provide suggested retail price for BBuddy's consideration.


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