Be a Bateriku

Be part of's ecosystem and get special prices and offers from our catalog including incoming jobs redirected to your workshop.

Join's ecosystem as a BBuddy established the BBuddy program to serve the roadside assistance (Breakdown) market and also workshop (Bengkel) market. It is basically a collaboration effort between with Breakdown partners such as tow truck operators and mobile mechanics while ‘Bengkel’ partners include service / tyre / aircond / repair ‘Bengkel’s. To date, has on-boarded close to 3000 BBuddy nationwide.

As a brand that has served more than 1 Million customers within the battery replacement industry, our BBuddy partners will be able to leverage on the brand name to get more traffic for their businesses especially when we are operating 24/7 and 365 days a year!

Earn more job traffic

With a minimum start rate of RM50.00 per job, becoming a BBuddy can become a handy side-hustle for your business.

Flexible working hours

Become your own Boss and chose your own working hours.

24 Hours Customer Support’s Command Centre works tirelessly around the clock not just to redistribute jobs but also to assist you whenever required.

Fair job distribution

Jobs are aplenty! As long as you are available and closest to the customer, we will definitely distribute the job to you!

User friendly mobile app

Using our internally developed mobile app, you are a few clicks away from earning your business additional income.

Sounds interesting so far? Join our BPreneur Program now, or read on to know more

Frequently Asked Question

The payment process will take between 45 to 60 days for each calendar month.

0 fees is required to join’s BBuddy program

Yes. A picture formatted report is required to be done through the app. Details will be explained during the app training conducted.

Yes. All prices are to be determined by and must be adhered by BBuddy at all times.

A duration between 30 – 45 minutes is required for a BBuddy to arrive at customer’s location for every job assigned.

Ready to join the BBuddy Legion?

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