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The largest battery outlets network in Malaysia has also developed its own entrepreneurship program called BPreneur to open entrepreneurial opportunities for aspiring Malaysian entrepreneurs to improve their standard of living. In addition, has also groomed more than 25 BHero in becoming BPreneur. For the record, there are currently more than 75 BPreneurs representing the brand all over the country.

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Your journey to entrepreneurship begins here.

BPreneur is a tried and tested business model to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and like-minded Malaysians.

BPreneur plays the role of carrying out local marketing effort and at the same time providing employment opportunities to the locals through the BHero program. Today, have registered a total of 117 BPreneurs across key economic regions including Southern, Northern, Central and the East coast, and targeting a total of 130 BPreneurs by the end of Financial Year 2023

Less Risk & Low CAPEX

Operating in the largest network in the country with extensive support from us means that you will have less risk and low capital expenditures

Marketing & Training Supports

You don't just open your store and wait. We will also provide you with support for marketing and other training as well

Essential Business

Categorize as Essential Business, it is one of the most suitable business to venture in since it need to be fully operated regardless of the situation

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Frequently Asked Question

Simple. Just fill up this form and submit all the details required. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as we received your application to complete the registration process

Yes, there is a small registration of RM10,000 fee imposed to those who would like to join the BPrenuers Program. This fee is inclusive of all the initial materials you need in order to start your journey with us.

Other than the criterias listed above, the potential BPrenuer candidates also need to have a business premise and a low starting capital.

While this is very subjective, we are commited to help our BPrenuers by providing a viable ecosystem that can help their businesses. Based on the data that we have so far, our existing BPrenuers are consistently earning more than RM6,000 per month. has planned a comprehensive training sessions for all pur BPrenuers. You are required to undergo a theoritical training session that is organized every Tuesday and Thursday every week (except on public holidays). After that, you are required to undergo a practical training session to experience yourselves with the real situations on the fields – before, during and after the job.

Yes, will prepare a written contract to our potential BPrenuers who has passed the theoritical and practical basic trainings.

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