Malaysia's latest local car battery brand

Plug and drive with Astra battery is back with its latest innovation! presenting ASTRA Battery, a local car battery brand by! Read more to learn all about ASTRA battery!

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ASTRA is an affordable car battery with the specification that’s equal to top brands in the market. If you’re wondering why it is cheaper, the answer is that ASTRA is a local brand made in MALAYSIA by ASTRA utilizes the latest technological advancement to ensure the best quality and performance. strives to further impact the automotive industry in the country with this latest addition.

Exactly 8 years after the company’s establishment, the company made another historic milestone with the launch of the company’s first ever battery brand ‘ASTRA’. With’s extensive network all around the country, customers will be able to get the best after service warranty and assistance that comes together for every battery purchase with

The concept

ASTRA implements a more simplified layout for the text and color of the product while putting some unique elements to help it stand out further. The purple, black and white color of the ASTRA box makes ASTRA more distinguished on the battery shelf with its modern and pleasing color.

Besides the layout of the battery, ASTRA also aims to educate users on’s services on the battery box along with a simplified text on what the battery is all about. But that’s not all, there’s also some safety guidelines for customers to be aware of.

Astra variations

Currently there’s a total of 4 variations for ASTRA from the DIN, JIN, EFB & AGM series. It is advisable to learn what kind of battery your vehicle carries to avoid complications when purchasing a new battery. Even with consultation from workshops, it is required that you know which type of battery fits the best for your vehicle.

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