Our vision is to be the No.1 connected roadside assistance provider.

SOS Breakdown with offers a highly efficient SOS breakdown service facilitated through the company's 24/7/365 contact centre. Customer's assistance requests coming from various channels will be then be assigned to's on-the-ground mobile technicians known as BHERO.'s comprehensive services include battery replacement and inspection, jumpstarts, car towing, flat tire replacement, emergency fuel top-ups, and car lockout assistance. With over 130 pitstops nationwide, the company also provides nationwide sales and after-sales warranty support, ensuring a reliable and convenient experience for drivers in need no matter where they travel.

Problem Statement

What would be your user’s concern when they’re going through a breakdown situation?


Finding help is time consuming,drivers might need to wait morethan 60 minutes.


Rescue services demand ridiculous amount of charge specially during the night.

Service Quality

Lack of quality of service due to their limited option during emergency situation.

Solution Bateriku SOS Button

We are your one-stop solution for tackling any car-related issues that come your way. Whether you're facing a flat tire, a dead battery, a fuel emergency, or even a car lock-out, we've got you covered.

Our dedicated team is here to provide reliable and efficient assistance, ensuring you can get back on the road with confidence.

Say goodbye to automotive worries - we're here to make your journey smooth and stress-free!

  • One click for roadside assistance
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Contact Center Support 24/7

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We provide flexibility of integration method.

1) API Direct Integration for customisation of UI/ UX Design

2) Progressive Web Application where services can be re-use from existing application.

Be Part of The Solution

Bateriku has serve more than 700,000 satisfied customer

Create New Revenue Stream

Transactional % profit sharing

New Market Penetration

Expand added values services

Coalition of Resources

Leveraging expertise &experience

Extending your service offering through collaboration with Bateriku

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