7 Signs Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

Have you ever been stranded at the most inconvenient times and places?

If you have, it’s most likely your car battery worn out and not many people know this but it’s one crucial component that often goes overlooked until it fails.


It can get frustrating when it leaves you stranded in the middle of rush hour traffic, worse still with your little one onboard, or even late at night in a deserted parking lot with no one around.

Let’s take a look at the signs that indicate your car battery is in need of a replacement, ensuring you avoid unexpected breakdowns. Read on to find out!

A Bhero is replacing a car's battery in the car bonnet

The Importance of a Healthy Car Battery

1. Reliability


It’s important to maintain a healthy car battery to ensure your car starts reliably even after prolonged periods of inactivity. In addition, always check if the lights have been switched off after usage. A weak car battery can lead to starting issues and may leave you stranded.


2. Vehicle performance


For optimal performance of the car, modern cars rely heavily on electronic systems and onboard computers. When you have a healthy car battery, it supports these systems, ensuring your car operates efficiently and smoothly.


3. Electrical system functionality


Your car battery powers essential electrical systems and components. This includes lights, radio, air conditioning as well as power windows. Maintaining a healthy car battery ensures that these systems in the car function properly.


4. Preventive maintenance


To prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs, be sure to regularly monitor and maintain your car battery health. You can avoid being stranded and prolong the lifespan of your car battery by addressing any issues with it early on.


5. Safety


Having a healthy car battery is important to ensure the safety of you and your passengers while you are driving. A failing or weakened battery can lead to electrical failures on the road which then increases the risk of accidents or breakdowns.

A Bhero attaching pliers to the car battery to jumpstart the car

Sign That Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

1. Mesin Bergerak Perlahan


“Taaakk…Taak..Taakk..”When you notice that your engine is slow to start and also has a sluggish cranking sound when you turn the ignition key, it’s a sign that the car battery is weak and that is when to replace your car battery.


2. Lampu Depan yang Meredup


Another sign of when to replace a car battery is if you have dim headlights. The headlights of a car are directly powered by the battery. Dim headlights may also be caused by other electrical issues such as a faulty alternator, however, it’s still essential to check on your car battery to ensure it’s healthy.


3. Lampu Peringatan di Dashboard​


If you own a modern vehicle, the dashboard may be equipped with battery warning lights. If this warning light turns on while you’re driving, it indicates that there’s a possible problem with the battery or charging system. Don’t ignore this warning sign as it can result in more issues. Therefore, have your battery checked if you see this sign on your dashboard.


4. Masalah dengan Komponen Listrik


Just like dimming headlights being powered by the battery, other electrical components in the car are also powered by the battery. When the battery is weak, you might encounter dimming interior lights or dashboard lights other than dimming headlights. Other electrical component issues you may experience are power windows or the car radio.


5. Battery Corrosion


Another sign your car battery needs replacement is battery corrosion. It typically refers to the buildup of a white, powdery substance around the battery terminals and connections. Be sure to check under the hood and inspect the battery as corrosion can impede the flow of electricity between the battery and the car’s electrical system which can lead to problems like starting issues, electrical issues and battery failure.


6. Strange Smell


If you notice a strange foul smell coming from the car, which often smells like rotten egg or sulphur, it may indicate that the car needs a new battery replacement. This could be because of the chemical reaction within the battery – which most likely means the battery acid has leaked. The presence of the foul smell could be because the battery is damaged caused by overheating, overcharging or internal damage. This is how you know when the car battery is dead.


7. Trouble Starting the Car in Cold Weather


If you have trouble starting the car in cold weather, this is an indication that your car battery may be weak. Hearing a slow cranking sound when starting the car is a sign that the battery needs a replacement. However, this does not happen in Malaysia due to our tropic climate.

Typical Lifespan of a Car Battery

In Malaysia, the average lifespan of a car battery typically ranges from one to three years. Some may last up to four years. However, this also depends on various factors such as driving patterns, battery type, weather conditions as well as maintenance practices?

Importance of Regular Battery Checks

1. Early Detection of Issues


Having regular battery checks can help identify potential problems before they escalate. Early detection can minimize the risk of unexpected problems or breakdowns that may leave you stranded. This allows for timely repairs or replacement if necessary.


2. Extend Battery Life


Regular battery checks can help to maximize your car battery’s lifespan. Addressing any minor issues and optimizing its performance can indeed extend its longevity.


3. Gives You Peace of Mind


Having healthy car batteries can give you peace of mind as you are more confident in driving your car knowing that your battery is healthy. This allows you to get rid of your worries especially when you go on a long-distance drive.

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