The affordable yet classy 'Perodua Ativa' by UMW

Perodua has manufactured yet another exemplary vehicle known as the Perodua Ativa. Going from the price range of RM61,500 to RM72,000, there will also be three different specs available for the customers to choose from the entry-level x, mid-range h & the flagship AV.

Officially launched on 3rd of March 2021 recently, Perodua Ativa has managed to reach up to 5,000 bookings since its announcement back in mid-February 2021. Perodua is also looking to deliver at least 3,000 units more each month. I’m addition, with the demand of SUV’s nowadays, it’s only a matter of time before Perodua releases this affordable yet high performance vehicle for its nationwide Malaysian customers.

But one of the main reasons why consumers prefer this newly released vehicle is because of the low maintenance cost. Here’s 12 reasons why Perodua Ativa has the one of the cheapest maintenance costs. To our readers, here’s some handy tips for you to look out for:

1. 1000 KM – The Perodua Ativa does not require to be serviced when it reaches the 1000KM/5000KM mark. Drivers are able to drive the vehicle freely towards the 10,000KM mark with a piece of mind.

2. 10,000 KM – There won’t be any need to change the engine oil as Perodua Ativa uses a full synthetic 3.5L oil for the cost of only RM145.60. All you need    to top up for are the oil filter cost at RM11.90 and also drain plug gasket for      RM3.00. The cost for the first service is estimated at RM160.50. Definitely value for money!

3. 20,000 KM – For the second service, the customer will only need to pay for    the air filter around RM33.50 excluding the labour cost of RM65.30. The whole    service is estimated to be at RM259.30.

4. 30,000 KM – Similar to the first service cost, customers will only need to change the engine oil, filter and labour cost. The cost is estimated at only RM202.79.

5. 40,000 KM – At this rate, the cost for the vehicle will be slightly higher as it will need to go for a major service. Some of the components that needs to be serviced includes the air filter, engine air filter, 1 litre of brake oil, 2 litre of engine liquid and labour cost of RM95.72. The whole cost estimated for this major service is around RM423.12.

6. 50,000 KM – The service cost will be cheaper as similar to the service cost at 30,000km which equals to RM202.90.

7. 60,000 KM – The price for the service cost will be the same as when it reached 20,000KM, customers will only need to pay RM259.30 to change the engine oil, air filter and labour fee.

8. 70,000 KM – Cost of service will be cheaper, similar to how it was during the 30,000km and 50,000km mark which will only cost to RM202.79.

9. 80,000 KM – Customer will need to undergo another major service for the estimated cost of RM423.12.

10. 90,000 KM – After undergoing a major service, the price will turn back cheaper as it was on 30,000km, 50,000km and 70,000 km. With only a minor service of RM202.79.

11.100,000 KM This will be the most expensive major service that the customer will need to make. The whole spark plug will need to be changed costing from RM471.90 (for 3 units) and the hydraulic liquid for the D-CVT transmission for RM97.40. Customers will also be advice to change the air filter for RM33.50 with the labour cost of RM74.20. This will total up to RM841.40.

We’ve done our research and based on its offerings, we believe that Perodua Ativa is one SUV that definitely value for money. Kudos to UMW for producing yet another economical and practical vehicle on the roads of Malaysia.

Of course, if you have any battery issues with your new Perodua Ativa, is just a few clicks away! Download our app today.

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