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Get the most reliable roadside service assistance with for your EV (Electric Vehicle) related problems. 

If you’re unfamiliar with what does, we provide an extensive network coverage of roadside assistance services for all of our customers with our multiple pitstop network that grows to more than 100 locations nationwide.

Now if you’re looking to own an EV anytime soon or you might have already owned one, then we highly recommend you to read this article till the end to know more about what we at has to offer for EV owners.

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Rising EV use in Malaysia, but is it a good idea?

If you’ve been seeing a lot of EVs on the road recently, then you might be witnessing the rise of EV owners in the country. According to the president of the Malaysian Electric Vehicle Owners Club (My EVOC), Datuk Shahrol Halmi, over 500 EVs have been estimated to be driven on the road today and will further increase as the demand grows in months to come.

Even so, unlike our neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, there’s still much work to do in getting our ecosystem on par with countries which have developed their EVs compatibility in their country. This initiative is also in accordance with the government’s 2021-2030 Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint.

Convenient to drive, but for how long?

EVs are undeniably good for the environment as they run on electricity instead of gasoline. For information, there’s been 30% of global carbon emission and the remaining 70% of this comes from vehicles such as cars, vans, lorries to name a few. With EVs, only a rechargeable battery is needed for it to run and quieter. But do we have enough charging points for EVs in Malaysia? provides your one-stop solution

We at offer a free inspection service for our customers no matter where they are! With our 100 pitstops nationwide, there’s nowhere too far for us to reach you!

Specializes in battery replacements as part of the many services provided by, our professionally trained BHero will assist you right where you’re located so just hang back and we will be right where you are in less than 30 minutes as part of the company’s policy for our customers satisfaction.

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Why should you reach out to

With that being said, is generally known and specializes in battery replacements and also vehicle jumpstart. An EV has two main batteries inside, the second is commonly known as a 12 volt lead acid battery which powers up all the other components of the car such as lights, wipers and locks. The first component is the part that makes it a huge deal to own an EV, a rechargeable 12 volt Lithium-ion battery.

Roadside service assistance for your ev?

For most cases, the main concern of owning an EV is the fact that there’s less charging point for it in our country. It is acknowledged that you might be able to find a few charging points at selected R&R, Petrol stations or even in shopping malls. But in case of emergency and your EV dies in the middle of the road or parking spot, the only solution to this is by calling a legitimate and reliable roadside service assistance to bring your vehicle over to a workshop which specializes in EVs. is here for the rescue!

Luckily! specializes in providing all sorts of roadside service assistants such as for stranded EVs, all you need is a trusted provider to help you with towing and inspection. But why do you need to be precise on whom you choose to call?

1. Towing – Towing an EV isn’t as easy as it may sound, this differs largely due to its weight. Typically, just the EV battery pack could weigh around 100 to 544kg. The components and the build of an EV were also built differently as it is manufactured to be able to carry the weight of the battery, making EV to be much heavier than gasoline powered-vehicles. Why should you reach out to for towing services? has collaborated with our insurance partners ‘Allianz’ as our BBuddy to ensure that all EVs that need towing services from us, will be transported safely by professionals from ‘Allianz’.

2. Jumpstart – With our growing numbers of BHero’s across the country, providing jumpstart services is part of the company’s main servicing specialties. Our BHero are trained frontliners who get the job done as soon as they are dispatched to customers location. Trained by professionals, our BHero will ensure you a worry free experience when they’re on the job.

3. Flat tire – One of the main problems that most drivers face in the present, is that manufactures have removed spare tires in modern vehicles. With nowhere to go or anything that you could do, offers the same towing experience but to the nearest workshop for tyre replacement. Convenient? That’s the main core of our service provided to customers.

One app is all you need in case of emergency

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with our services, the last thing that you need to know is how to get in touch with us! There’s two ways to reach out to We assure you a quick and efficient response, please follow one of the steps below for your reference.

Built inside our HQ at Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, our call center is fully equipped with the latest technology which enables us to track and monitor our customers effectively. With every call to our customer center, our trained operators will assist you from inquiries to dispatching our BHero directly to your location. Our call center is operational 24 hours, 7 days a week. Contact us at: 01116006008 customer care department customer mobile application

Great news for those who are more keen on booking our services through our mobile application. Our mobile application has been constantly upgraded as we promise our customers a more convenient use each time they use our service. By registering on our mobile app, you’ll be able to enter all the details of your vehicle and select the services you need with just a few simple steps. It’s that easy when you download and register with our mobile app, never worry about towing, battery inspection, flat tyre or even refueling. We provide the best service for any roadside problems, in just a click of a button. Download for (iOS) or (Google Play Store). encourages everyone to learn more about EV and be aware of both pros and cons of owning one. Feel free to learn more about and our services at

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