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Last week, in the midst of the depressing news with the pandemic, the enhanced lockdowns and all, one of our Bateri Hero (BHero) in Georgetown Penang decided to go beyond expectations after receiving a phone call early Friday morning on the 28th of May recently.

The call was not a typical call for a car battery delivery service but one that includes a special request too. An elderly mother’s voice greeted Saiful (BHero) on the telephone when she requested for a car battery delivery directly to her son. More importantly, the delivery needs to be made by the person speaking with her now!

Astonished, Saiful then listened closely towards the mother’s instructions and at the end of it was touched to learn that the mother wanted Saiful to specifically pick-out a car battery, wrap it nicely and deliver it as a birthday present directly to her son. Saiful smiled to himself before asking a fellow BHero, Khairul to accompany him for the car battery delivery trip.

They then picked-up the order based on the mother’s description of her son’s car model and dashed towards the nearest bookstore in order to get the battery wrapped. Despite being given additional tasks, both Saiful and Khairul treated the trip as a special occasion because this was the first in our 7-year history that a car battery delivery service represents as a birthday gift to any of its customers. Checkout the video recorded by our BHeros’ here.

This occurrence will continue to inspire our in delivering beyond expectation service quality in every step of our customers experience. As our ecosystem grows, our focus towards customer experience and service excellence have never been deeper. Therefore, each time a new BHero and BPreneur is onboarded, they are provided with a series of training courses that stresses on the importance of customers experience in every aspect of our service.

This year targets to onboard and activate a total of 1,000 BHero nationwide to cater the 100 BPreneur outlet touchpoints targeted to be established by 2021 across key economic regions including Klang Valley, Southern, Northern and the East Coast.

Customers are our utmost priority because their experience determines the rise and fall of an on-demand car battery delivery provider such as Due to the low barrier to entry into the industry, the phrase ‘customer first’ needs to be cultured and practiced in order to have a distinctive edge against the mushrooming competitors.

Today, the company has performed more than 500,000 car battery delivery service to customers from all walks of life and all parts of the nation thanks to continuous improvements which is based from on-the-ground feedbacks performed by our BHero and BPreneur.

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