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No need to worry about your car battery problem, We got you covered regardless of where you are in Malaysia. New battery given if its a genuine battery problem. One to one replacement. No hesitation.

After purchase terms & conditions

Any assistance after the purchase of products is subject to the terms & the following conditions: -

1) Post-Purchase Assistance does not necessarily require a technician visit

2) Any service that requires the presence of a technician to the location customers must be accompanied by a payment of RM 30.00 in advance.

3) reserves the right not to be present at the location if the customer refuses to pay RM 30.00 in advance.

4) All customers must show a digital receipt or proof of valid purchase from to be eligible for a warranty claim service at our service coverage zone.

5) Please contact Call Service Center at 0111-6006008 for warranty service in the event that the vehicle is found unable to on.

6) will only be responsible for the warranty of the batteries sold by including from Outlet Distributor Representatives, "Freelance" and individuals registered with

7) We will not be responsible for any problems that arise resulting from the customer's agreement to install the battery with higher or lower specifications on the vehicle after it has been in recommended by

8) For your information, every official sale from will recorded into our system. If, the customer agrees to choosing batteries that do not follow our vehicle production specifications, will record the agreement into our records system and will used as a reference for any post-purchase assistance report.

9) We would like to inform, if it is found that there is any "system reset" before purchasing a battery, does not responsible in the event of a vehicle system malfunction. Besides, any vehicle system reset costs will be borne by the customer himself.

10) We advise customers to bring their vehicles to “Service Center ”or workshop trusted by customers.

11) reserves the right to cancel the product and service warranty to customers who do not repair vehicle related damage battery as informed by our customer service.

12) A service charge of RM50.00 will be charged to the customer would like to get our service after cancellation of product warranty and service in force.

13) Hours of operation of after-sales assistance services are from hours 10.00am to 10.00pm daily.

14) Within 7 days from the date of purchase, if the customer needs assistance after the purchase, will not charge any charges to the location.

After purchase terms & conditions

RM30 service charge will be charged before sending a technician if :-

1) The battery is empty or wiring problems, or forgot to turn off the lights, or the vehicle is not turned on within 7 days, or improper use of electrical accessories, or battery misuse or problems not related to battery manufacturing.

2) The Battery was found to be ‘Flat’ (but not damaged) and the Battery was ‘Flat’ due to the negligence of the user. During the first service visit, our technicians will perform a “(JUMPSTART)” process to recharge the battery for 45 min. 

3) If it fails to make the jumpstart process, BATERIKU.COM will supply a temporary battery to the customer. The customer's original battery will be taken home for the purpose of detailed inspection if it is found that the customer's original battery is still in good condition according to the standards and standards set by the manufacturer, the battery will be sent back to the customer.

4) After 30 days from the date of notification if the customer has no feedback, reserves the right to dispose of the battery. reserves the right to charge RM 30.00 for the second and subsequent visits

After purchase terms & conditions

1) If the service assistance claim has a valid justification. This means that the customer's battery is indeed damaged. The reported battery will be taken home by

2)Customers will be provided with a floating battery.

3)Refunds will be made after an inspection by which confirms that the battery is indeed damaged.

4)The intended inspection takes 7 working days.

5)Refunds will be made in accordance with the installation of new batteries.

6)For customers who receive a new battery, the post -purchase assistance guarantee is based on the original date of purchase.

7)The disclaimer clause for any claim to obtain a new battery from the manufacturer is not valid at all and must be made to only. This claim is not subject to "Freelance"

8) Warranty will be void if battery spec is downgraded from the vehicle manufacturing specifications.

9) Warranty will be void if there is physical damage on the batteries.

Common Questions

Need more info? Checkout the most common questions regarding our warranty.

01. Are your batteries cover for warranties?

Yes! Basically from 6 to 18 months depending on brand and type and vehicle model.

02. Can you give discount on the new battery?

Discount and promo codes would be available from campaigns and selected users. Do visit us on our website and other social media platform to get the latest news.

03. If my old battery is still usable but weak, what will you do?

We will carry out an inspection of your existing battery at NO COST. If it is not a battery, you have the option to repair other possible damage such as the alternator, starter, electrical current leakage and other possible causes. After all these damages being rectified and you still have problems starting your car that may be due to the battery problem, you can contact us, and we will lend you our floating batteries while we check your old battery at our place. Assuming your old batteries cannot be used again, you have the option to buy a new battery from us. We will send and install it for free as well.

04. Do you charge any other than the cost of your new battery?

No. The delivery, checking and installation are all FREE.

05. Can I pay the battery on site?

Yes! You can pay either via cash, credit card, e-wallet and mobile banking.

06. Who should we call in case of battery problem?

Order through our app instantly. Get it in Google Play or App Store. You also can contact us via Call or Whatsapp at 011-1600-6008, Our Customer Service would be happy to assist you.
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