Bateriku Pitstops to offer genuine Brembo products

KUALA LUMPUR: Bateriku (M) Sdn.Bhd. ( Pitstop outlets will now be offering genuine Brembo brake pads.

Products offered through this collaboration with Emerald Auto Parts Sdn Bhd (Emerald-Brembo) will focus on vehicle brands such as Proton, Perodua, Toyota, and Honda’s within’s growing ecosystem and to its almost one million customer database.

Emerald-Brembo, with its team of 40 years of experience, is the sole distributor in Malaysia that carries a full range of Brembo brake pads and Brembo brake discs for all car models locally.

“Emerald is proud to collaborate with as we believe in building a career ecosystem for Malaysians and supporting the customers. We as the offical partner of the world’s best braking system brand from Italy are confident that through’s Pitstop outlets, BHero, and BPreneur nationwide we will enable our community to buy and experience the best quality Brembo products at an affordable price,” said Emerald-Brembo chief executive officer Markz Lim.

“ has served more than one million customers all over the nation and this feat is made possible via its inclusive ecosystem of frontliners of BHero, BPreneur and BBuddy network. We are excited with this partnership as we believe that together we can realize the statement of everybody deserves a Brembo to its growing ecosystem and customer data base,” added Markz.

Bateriku’s CEO Azarol Faizi said breakdown scenarios over the past 8 years have presented an opportunity for the company to promote beyond battery products and services to its ecosystem.

Given Brembo’s reputation and performance in the global automotive scene, Azarol added that it is a privillege for Bateriku to collaborate with Emerald-Brembo as they are the official distributor of Brembo in Malaysia.

“Our focus as a Connected Roadside Assistance Provider (CRAS) is to continue to find automotive products and services that will benefit vehicle owners, our own entrepreneurs as well as our workshop partners.

“We hope to be able to reach out to a bigger section of the vehicle ownership experience segment through this collaboration by not only offering them battery services, but at the same time provide other vehicle parts and services to create an awesome customer experience each and every time for our customers and ecosystem partners,” he added.

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