We’ve prepared a quick checklist below for you to take note before we are all back on the road together.

Now that MCO has been further extended, long distance driving will be a thing of the past, at least for the foreseeable future. While most of us are at home with minimal driving, it is still always paramount to foster constant vehicle checking to ensure that your vehicle is always in mint condition.


Engine oil is akin to your body’s blood platelet count. Whether its too low or too high, you’d be in trouble. Same goes to your car’s engine oil. It is a standard procedure that your engine oil change happens according to your scheduled service.

If you have recently sent in your car for service, you can also carry out checks on your own. The easiest way to do so is with the oil dipstick which commonly has a yellow or orange handle.

Do remember to perform the inspection after your car has settled for several hours to get a more accurate reading. Ensure the level is at optimal level to keep your car healthy and well.

Every once in a while, take the time to check underneath your car for any leakage too.


Automotive workshops are categorized as essential! So, sending your car for a service is not only crucial for your daily driving, but also helps in extending the lifespan and health of your vehicle.

Your tires are the legs and feet for your car. Imagine you’ve got an injury to your foot, surely it will affect your day-to-day routine in terms of your movement. Tire grip is the most critical element when it comes to an emergency. Check your tires according to the wear indicator and ensure that your tire pressure is at its optimum at least once a fortnight. Just go to your nearest petrol station to check the pressure or you could also go online to Shopee or Lazada and grab yourself a tire pressure kit.

The best time to top up with air is in the early morning or at night when the tire’s temperature is cooler. Also, don’t forget to check your spare in the trunk!


Malaysia’s tropical weather dictates that its constantly scorching heat and pouring rain. Due to that, most windscreen wipers for Malaysian’s vehicle lose their consistency after a year due to wear and from the heat and sunlight we get all year round. In addition, its even faster if you park vehicle at an open space. If your wipers are skipping, scraping or show signs of cracking, you’ve got to get them change. Check the size and hook type, order them online and checkout a Youtube video to get it fixed on your car.


If there’s creaking when applying brakes, try remembering when was the last time you had them changed. Brakes are crucial to any vehicle. Nonetheless, brake pads are not the only component that is involved in stopping your car. Do also check your brake fluid and make sure it is at its recommended levels at all times.


If oil engine is the platelet, then the battery is the heart of your car. A car literally stops without a working battery. Depending on what vehicle you drive, the lifespan of a standard car battery lasts an average between 1 1/2 to two years. Two top signs of a weak battery are when you need to crank your engine multiple times and when your lights starting to look dimmed. You should get in touch with and we’ll come over to provide you free diagnostic services. If its time to change, we’d recommend’s very own Platin batteries. The best part is that you can opt to pay in instalments too via its’s Paylater program.


Working from home can become draining, especially when you don’t manage your time effectively. Do remember to get enough sleep and rest, eat healthily and exercise frequently to keep you in a healthy state of mind. Manage those meetings and family time efficiently to keep you, and your family happy too.


We know mobile phones are literally man’s best friend these days. Be it for work or social, our generation today simply can’t live without mobile phones by their side. When working from home, studies have shown that screen time on mobile phone increases by 40% . Try to take a break in the evening. A breeze walk is still permitted but make sure to adhere all SOPs. Avoid unnecessary gatherings or chats and stick to your goal – to keep your body and mind healthy through this unknown period of working from home.


If you’re at home with your loved ones, do remember that family comes first. We know it can get stressful with datelines piling and continuous meetings. And when your son or daughter comes to you for attention, try not to ‘shoosh’ them away, but instead speak and explain to them. Remember this new norm is new to them just as it is to you. Plan your time and practise patience at all times when working from home. Take some time to bring them for a walk once either early in the morning or during the evenings.

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