What does EV's need to truly succeed in Malayisa

With EVs now being tax-free in Malaysia, providing incentives for netizens to buy them, and manufacturers to make them, just removing taxes won’t allow EVs to succeed.

It needs a lot of other factors to be in play for EV’s to succeed. One factor they need is charging stations. This one is somewhat an obvious one.

Even if they bring in as many electric vehicles as they want, they need charging stations to work. Not just a few either, they need to be widespread. In malls, gas stations, homes, it needs to be a normal thing. Without having charger support, it will inevitably fail

Another factor you need is the supply of the cars themselves. If there are no cars, how are people supposed to buy them? A constant supply is needed, as well as a wide arrange of them. Thankfully, the Malaysians have already taken action in this aspect.

Recently, Proton has partnered with an electric car company to sell electric cars in both Malaysia, and Thailand. Proton Edar, Proton’s distributor, will be the designated dealer, importer, and distributor in the ASEAN region.

They will also be partnering with Geely, which holds a 49.9% stake in Proton. Geely, they have experience with electric vehicles, allowing Proton to work with a firm that is knowledgeable in EVs, helping them grow in the ASEAN region.

These factors are imperative to EV’s success, and hopefully, if these things are achieved, electric cars won’t be such a spectacle on the road, not only in Malaysia, but in ASEAN as a whole.
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