Two thumbs up for Perodua Axia

We're not promoting but we think Perodua Axia deserves positive recommendation considering that our operations utilizes the use of Perodua Axia in its nationwide operation.

Axia is well known for its affordable price and various compatibility. Not to mention that Perodua Axia has also succeeded its predecessors the Perodua Viva and Perodua Kancil. But what makes the Perodua Axia such a great buy? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider yourself getting an Axia!

Fuel save efficiency

Axia’s small engine has made it one of the most fuel efficient cars in the country. With its 1.0 Litre fuel tank and non high-displacement engine, this vehicle consumes only 22.5 kmpl (Kilometers Per Litre) for the MT and 21.6 kmpl for the AT.This has made Axia the most fuel efficient and economical to be greatly one of the top picks for drivers.

Low cost maintenance

With Perodua Axia, there won’t be any service or inspection at 1,000 or 5,000 km mark instead the first service goes from 10,000 km for RM142.90 and 20,000 km for RM240.63. With the procare Preventive Service offered by Perodua, at 20,000km interval they will include extra services for the vehicle’s interior from air-conditioning service all the way to tyre alignment.


There’s no doubt that Axia’s engine gives more than fuel save efficiency, but it also comes with a cheap roadtax renewal cost. Going from only RM20 per year because of its 998cc engine.

Safety and reliability

Perodua have added a variety of safety measures in their products, as for Axis is equipped with the newly improved ASA (Advanced Safety Assist) 2.0 system, ensuring safety for its users. Some of the features are the (Pre-Collision Warning) which alerts the driver whenever the car is approaching danger too fast and the (Pre-Collision Breaking) in case of a late reaction from the driver.

Spacious interior

Unlike its predecessors, Perodua Axis provides a more spacious and a more unique twist in its interior. From its front semi-bucket seats and excellent under-tight support for the rear seats, it will make the long journey experience more fun and memorable. Not to forget, the shopping hooks and the seat-back pockets.

There are a variety of choices for you to pick! From its features or capability. Its all up to you to see which is the best based on your budget and needs. But one thing’s for sure, Perodua will make it worth your time!

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