Do you know that there’s an acidic component also known as ‘Electrolyte’ that connects a vehicle's starter with its alternator? The excessive or low amount of it could really do damage to your car battery.


It’s enough danger to be exposed to it, let alone being left unchecked inside your battery. But our sincere caution to all car owners out there to not simply try and check it by yourself without proper guidance and knowledge. The electrolyte in the battery can be corrosive and could cause burn to your skin. It eats off your clothes and even could etch concrete floors.

In this video, you can observe the result of overflowing acid from the vehicle’s battery. The customer here was using a wet battery type for his vehicle but did not follow the occasional check-up to determine the acidic level inside the battery.

If you’re looking to avoid all these problems in the future, try not to use a wet cell battery type for your vehicle. Switch to the maintenance free (mf) battery for long lasting care. It may cost you a bit more at its initial cost but trust us, it’s definitely a worthy investment, saving you time and effort for that unnecessary visit to workshops. Best of all, a maintenance free (mf) battery provides you a piece of mind to drive safely on the road.

Here’s also five types of car batteries that you should check out!

1. The Wet Cell Battery - A more traditional and conservative product for your vehicle. This kind of battery enables the user to add distilled water as and when the battery dries out.

2. Sealed Batteries - With a slight modification from the wet cell battery type, this battery has been filled with enough acid to sustain its longevity within the warranty period.

3. VRLA Batteries - Valve regulating mechanism that ensures a safe outlet for the hydrogen and oxygen gasses during charging.

4. AGM Batteries - Allows the electrolyte to be charged and recharged.

5. GEL Batteries - Lower charge rate when compared to other lead acid battery and the most sensitive in the terms of adverse over-voltage charge.

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