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Millennials are often portrayed as disinterested, tuned out and selfish. However, none of those adjectives describe the Millennials I’ve been privileged to meet and work with.

Meet Iman Haqimi also known as ‘Zass’ and Faris Jais, better known as ‘Kacu’, the two out of a bunch of millennials who are currently with us. Both are still studying but decided to join us to increase their skills instead of waiting until they finish their studies to work.

I had the chance to check in with both of them recently and their journey is definitely one worth sharing. Zass started off with us as a Freelance Call Centre Agent operating in 24-hour call centre operations serving the ‘Rakyat’ in need of roadside assistance.

“I got the opportunity to join back in May 2018 when I was in my 6th month of my Diploma in Building Service Engineering. When this opportunity came along, I did not hesitate because in order to build a space for people, I needed to learn and understand people’s problems and needs. What better way to do so then, by joining a start-up tech company that is solving people’s problems, day-in and day-out, 24/7 a day.”

A shy person in nature, we see Iman as an individual that is always hustling in getting things done and giving his 110% in all that he does. That is why today, we decided to pull Zass into the Technology team, where his real time experience handling customers forms the core of our design thinking process.

Both Zass and Kacu are best of mates. (You can definitely tell from the picture!)

Unlike Zass, Kacu is more of an outdoor-ish person and instead of working at the call-centre, Kacu decided to enroll as our Freelance Mobile Technician.

“When I joined, I had ‘0’ automotive knowledge. Today, I’m proud to say that I can easily identify a battery problem by just hearing the cranking sound…Hearing the, ” Takk Takk Takk” sound and I know that the owner has probably forgotten to shut off his lights the night before,” said Kacu confidently.

“I’m lucky to have learned from the best Mobile Technicians who were supportive and encouraging to the point where I was immediately entrusted to my 1st assignment the same day I finished my training. It was a Perodua Alza in Petaling Jaya, driven by a female driver who was stranded in the middle of the road. When I arrived on-site, I could see that she was relieved and I had no choice but to show off my confidence, even though it was the first time I’d ever performed this task for real. Alhamdulillah, things went well and I’ve still managed to keep my job until today,” said Kacu.

Gents, it’s a privilege to have both of you onboard. Keep on hustling and never give up on anything that you do. Let's continue to disrupt the industry together!

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