WIN-WIN collaboration between bateriku & workshops nationwide

Roadside Revolution:'s Collaborative Network of Workshops Delivers Seamless Automotive Solutions"'s Collaborative Network of Workshops Delivers Seamless Automotive Solutions

At, we’ve rapidly expanded our network of over 1000 workshops across Malaysia, thanks to the strategic collaborations with renowned companies like Petronas Auto Expert, Mesra Stores and workshops around Malaysia. These partnerships enhance accessibility and service quality for our customers nationwide.



Teaming up with Petronas Auto Expert grants us access to certified workshops equipped with top-tier facilities and skilled technicians, ensuring high-quality maintenance and repair services. Additionally, our collaboration with Mesra stores extends our reach to more locations, providing convenient service points for customers seeking automotive assistance.



Our business model with workshop partners focuses on creating a mutually beneficial relationship. When a BHero attends a job on ground, should the vehicle breakdown is not caused by the battery, our contact center will then link the customer to prominent workshop partners such as Autoexpert as well as towing providers. 



Furthermore, we invest in training programs for workshop partners, ensuring technicians are equipped with the latest skills to meet evolving customer needs. Transparent pricing and rigorous quality control measures further enhance satisfaction and loyalty.



In conclusion, our partnerships with over 1000 workshop partners elevate the automotive service experience for customers across Malaysia. Through strategic collaborations, digital integration, and our commitment to quality, we solidify our position as a leader in the industry, providing convenient, reliable, and high-quality services nationwide.

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