Last update : 27 December 2021

Merchants Policy

Brick-and-mortar businesses such as roadside assistance providers and workshops (bengkel) need to become agile to adapt to the changing environment of today’s consumer behaviours established the BBuddy program to serve the roadside assistance (Breakdown) market and also workshop (Bengkel) market. It is basically a collaboration effort between with Breakdown partners such as tow truck operators and mobile mechanics while ‘Bengkel’ partners include service / tyre / aircond / repair ‘Bengkel’s. To date, has on-boarded close to 3000 BBuddy nationwide.

As a brand that has served more than 1 Million customers within the battery replacement industry, our BBuddy partners will be able to leverage on the brand name to get more traffic for their businesses especially when we are operating 24/7 and 365 days a year!

Expertise Required

You’re more than welcome to join as a BBuddy as long as you can provide at least 1 from the following services mentioned: -

1. Jump start

2. Tyre patching

3. Tyre replacement

4. Fuel delivery

5. Tow truck

6. Locksmith

7. Mobile Mechanic

Criteria Required

1. Having a company that is officially registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), that is able to provide to tow truck services, roadside services assistance including tyre replacements, jump starts, fuel delivery and locksmith.

2. Undergo an app training exclusively conducted by

3. You will need to sign an official written agreement with whereby the terms and conditions will be stipulated herein.

4. Tools are to be prepared by BBuddy partners depending on the services registered with

5. As a BBuddy, we’d appreciate your fast response of between 30-45 minutes to reach our customers upon accepting the jobs assigned

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