Free delivery, check & install

When first started back in 2014, we manage to disrupt the on-demand battery replacement services by standardizing the battery delivery prices regardless of the delivery time.

Back then, a minimum of RM50.00 is charged by battery service providers to car owners when an order is made from 9.00 pm onwards. The charge is not inclusive of battery price. Imagine the experience for a lady when she becomes a stranded user at night time in the middle of nowhere.

That’s why we came up with the model of free delivery, free checking and free installation to assist stranded car owners regardless of their breakdown time. Car owners will only need to pay for the price of a battery every time they need any of our services.

We’ve been trained to become obsess with customer’s experience. 

That is why continuous improvement is part and parcel in every hustle that we do. From improving our business process flows to enhancing our multiple customer touchpoints and improving our products and services, we take pride in going above and beyond to assist our customers every time, all the time.

The business model of free delivery, free checking and free installation aims to reduce the burden of customers while at the same time instil trust towards our services. Our on the ground technicians – BHero’s are supervised and trained by our in-house Akademi Bateriku.

As one of the pioneers that provides end-to-end car battery replacement that is easily accessible across Malaysia, our Pitstop locations are strategically placed in city centres and residential areas to maintain high standard of service delivery by ensuring our BHero’s speedy delivery and execute our service standards flawlessly.

Upon arrival of 30 minutes from receiving an order distributed by our Contact Centre, our BHeros’ are trained to analyse the condition of your vehicle using specialised battery inspection equipment’s to check the health and condition of your vehicle’s battery.

The readings of your car battery’s CCA (Cold cranking amps) and voltage will be inspected and if the reading is below par, our BHero will then proceed to check your vehicle’s alternator for any electricity current leakage. These processes are essential in determining the root cause of the breakdown.

From thereon, only if the breakdown is caused by the vehicle’s battery will our BHero proceed in making the battery installation. If the breakdown is not caused by battery issues, our BHero is not allowed to make the installation but instead they are required to advice the customer to link up with our BBuddy partners (Bengkel) for further checking and repair works.

For all the services mentioned, an owner is not required to pay any hidden charges or fees, as we only charge for the price of the battery. If it is not a battery issue that causes the breakdown, we will not take a single cent from a customer.

The free delivery, free checking and free installation services are among the value-add services that we provide to our customers and Alhamdulillah we have managed not only to serve about 1.3 Million satisfied customers nationwide.

And with the nationwide after sales support and warranty coverage through our close to 200 location touchpoints. With the warranty coverage provided, all of our ecosystem network is provided replacement or floating batteries to be installed at a customer’s vehicle while we take back the under warranty battery back for further inspection and services.

InsyaAllah will continue our effort to build a conducive ecosystem in serving our nationwide customers.

To all car owners out there, “Jangan Tertipu! Pastikan Bateriku!”

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