UMW Synergy Tour at Bateriku.com

On the 12th of March 2021, Bateriku.com hosted a tour for one of Malaysia’s leading automotive conglomerate, UMW. Both companies have had their first formal introduction back in November 2020. The purpose of the tour is to further explore synergy between Bateriku.com and UMW

The tour was attended by UMW’s Group Corporate Strategy and Corporate M&E team. The UMW entourage was firstly brought to Bateriku’s Training Centre for a short briefing session. The training centre was established to provide internal and external training programs for Baterikupreneur and Bateriku Hero. Subsequently, the tour continued to Motor Maniac Studio, a content creation factory for Bateriku.com.

Next the entourage was brought over to Bateriku’s warehouse to showcase our product range as well as end-to-end used batteries stock management.
There was also a live role play coordinated to showcase the SOP between Bateriku’s Hero and its storekeeper in demonstrating the delivery and receiving process of used batteries.


The entire tour and demonstration works hand-in-hand to illustrate Bateriku’s expansion towards the workshop market. After some time learning and experiencing the process at Bateriku’s revival centre, the team were taken to Bateriku’s technology centre, BaterikuPlaz at Bukit Jelutong where they got to witness firsthand of Bateriku’s internal technology capacity as well as its centralized call centre operation.

The tour concluded on a positive note and an extensive possibilities of working and collaborating together in the future. We’d like to thank UMW again for their time at Bateriku.com

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