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We can definitely agree that not all drivers are inclined with how their vehicle operates. It is very advisable for drivers especially those who just got their driver’s license to have at least some knowledge regarding their vehicle’s components especially the vital ones. Now if you’re looking to do just that and you’re wondering on which components should you start with? The short answer should be your car battery. 

For those who might not know, your car battery is the source of energy that allows all your other vehicle components to operate and without it being operational in a good condition, this could result to complications upon starting up your vehicle. So why do you need to choose the right car battery for your vehicle and what do you in case of a car breakdown?

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First and Foremost, Know Your Car Battery Type

The ideal battery for your vehicle is one with the right specification. Different car battery types are assigned under a unique number and letter by the Battery Council International (BCI). The size of your group is normally determined by the brand, model, and kind of engine in your vehicle, although this is not always the case. 

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It's essential to select a car battery that's adequate for your vehicle, even if yours can accommodate batteries of various group sizes. Replacement guides can help you choose the optimal battery group size for your vehicle. It's also vital that you follow the manufacturer's directions to ensure that your battery replacement will fit and be put together without any occurring malfunction while driving.

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Why Should You Care for Your Car Battery Size?

What happens when your car battery is too SMALL? – As mentioned above, your car battery works as the main source of power to all your other car components. A smaller size battery has less power to energize your vehicle thus resulting your vehicle to immobilize even before starting up. Aside from that, this may also result to equipment failures due to lack of electricity such as the air conditioning not being able to work properly and your car headlights not being able to illuminate as brightly as it should. Also, bear in mind that short trips place a lot more strain on your battery than lengthy ones since they prevent it from charging enough and may harm the alternator or cause it to overheat in the long run.

What happens when your car battery is too BIG? – There are additional ramifications for installing an overly large battery in your car. It's evident that it won't fit in your automobile battery box, but the worst-case situation is that the battery will come into contact with other metal parts of the bodywork, causing the battery to short-circuit. No matter how carefully you arrange the battery, an incompatible battery type can result in differing outputs and eventually damage your vehicle parts overtime. 

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3 Types of Incompatible Car Battery Problems (Damages and Malfunctions) 

Alternator Damage - You don't want your alternator to die out before it's expected due. But as stated with the incompatible battery size problems above, this problem will also cause your alternator to operate over time while you're driving and resulting to further damage towards it over time. This will also lead to other complications such as car breakdowns and also the problems when starting the vehicle back up. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the parking lot with a malfunction vehicle and with no precaution taken beforehand.

Ignition Difficulties - With unexpected weather conditions we occur every year, a reliable battery is required in order to start your vehicle’s engine despite the weather conditions. Batteries with the wrong voltage can be weak and unable to crank the engine to its maximum output. This will result to difficulties in cranking up your vehicle and will consume more of your time to figure out a way to ignite your vehicle’s system. 

Start & Stop System Failure - For most modern vehicles, the Start & Stop Engine System works effectively in reducing fuel use when driving, particularly in congested areas. A car travelling in heavy traffic will use more fuel than one travelling at consistent moderate speeds. With the Start & Stop engine system, a vehicle may automatically shut down its engine if the vehicle approaches 0 mph while the brake pedal is applied, and the engine will be restarted when the clutch is released. Failure may still occur if you select the wrong battery type for your vehicle as it could cause your start & stop system to malfunction resulting to the system to not work properly. 

Your Car Battery Solution with Bateriku.com

But some problems could use the help of professionals, as one slight mistake could damage your other components or even worse. Luckily, we at Bateriku.com provide all the most needed services for our customers. And just like the name itself, we specialized in delivering, assembling and selling our battery products right to where our customer is located. Now let’s dive in a little deeper on why you should make Bateriku.com your preferred roadside assistance & car battery provider in Malaysia. 

Get the Best Car Battery Product Brand with Exclusive Warranty

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The Bateriku.com Car Battery Catalogue

Why do you waste time worrying about your car battery problems when you can get it directly from Bateriku.com? There’s a huge selection of battery products available in our exclusive catalog prepared for all our customers to choose from. We at Bateriku.com has been providing the best brands & quality of service for any car battery instalments since 2014. Bateriku.com has also recently announced the brand’s very first battery product ‘ASTRA’ which will launched to the public in the second quarter of 2022. 

Exclusive Worry Free After Sales Warranty

With the wide coverage of Bateriku.com’s locations available nationwide, there’s no need to worry about getting assistance when you purchase your car battery with Bateriku.com. In case of genuine battery problems after purchasing with us, we will replace it one to one replacement without any hesitation for FREE. Bateriku.com services are available nationwide with more than 100 pitstops and also through our 24 hours customer service hotline. Our warranty covers from 6 to 18 months depending on the brand, type and vehicle model. Read all about Bateriku.com’s Auto Insurance. 

Your One Stop Solution to All Your Automotive Inquiry: Bateriku.com Customer App

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The 3 Main Navigation

  1. For every downloaded app either on iOS or Google Store, upon opening the app customers will have to either register or log in as an existing account. From there, two options will be available for Car Battery change/inspection & Jumpstart. 
2.   Bateriku.com uses a GPS system to indicate the customer’s location more accurately. Customer will need to pinpoint their location before selecting the service required from Bateriku.com as this is required in order to assign our Hero to customers precise location. 
3.   Customer’s will also be able to access Bateriku.com’s latest addition to the app which is the Bateriku.com marketplace. The market place features all the accessibility options for customers to choose from services to components. Browse all the products by tip of your finger exclusively with Bateriku.com’s Bazaar.  

Learn more about Bateriku.com’s services today at www.bateriku.com or inquire our services through our customer care hotline. 

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