The fast driver and the furious owner


This has to be one for the record books. A car broker took possession of a R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R this past Saturday (10 July 21), and a mere 20 minutes later, he managed to crash it into a tree and entirely wrecking this revered JDM Icon.


Photos show that the legendary bay side blue Skyline, made famous by the late Paul Walker from the Fast & Furious film franchise smashed into a tree, leaving the front almost unrecognizable. Both front wheels were entirely dislocated, with the entire face lift completely annihilated.

There’s little information regarding what caused the driver to crash the Skyline but word on the street suggested that the broker driver was an inexperience chap whom was man-handled by the machine when the twin-turbos spooled up causing him to oversteer and smashing the car with great force when colliding with the tree.

Even the previous owner was wondering if a lack of experience behind the wheel had something to do with it. It’s unclear if the coupe was in any way modified, but even if it was completely stock, it’s no surprise that someone inexperience couldn’t handle the horsepower and torque of this model.

It is quite amazing to note that the driver was left unscathed judging from the destroyed vehicle.
The impact left the chassis of the car completely annihilated and white residues on the front suggest that the car did caught fire. Luckily there were no reported injuries involving other vehicles or pedestrians and bystanders.

There are two lessons to learn from this incident. Number one is to never drive like a Mad Max especially when its not your own car to do it in the first place. Number two is to actually practise that “D.I.Y” spirit and stop over relying on car brokers especially when you’re purchasing a sports car such as the Nissan Skyline R-34.

We’re curious to see if the new owner will be keeping the vehicle once it’s fixed up, or if he will trade in for something much staider.

One can only assume that the broker driver was on his way to deliver the car to its new owner when fate stepped in and caused the unlucky new owner about RM165,000.00 already paid in cash. We can only hope that the price also includes insurance coverage cost because from the looks of it, even with insurance, repair and restoration works alone can make even a Millionaire to weep. Notwithstanding the ongoing EMCO, we’re not sure what fate has to store for the car, the broker driver and the new owner.


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