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Jace for
  • Jace Mag Ett
  • KL | 10 January 2019

100 stars. This is my very 1st. time using Apps. I've just received a super excellent service from Mr. Safuan. He came on time as I expected. I strongly recommend you guys to go for this service! Thanks


Diva Karan for
  • Dhiva Karan
  • KL/ Selangor | October 2016

Fast service, excellent and honest staff. There was no problem with my battery and they were honest to me about it rather than forcing me to fork out unnecessary money. Definitely the shop to recommend.

Nabilah for
  • Nabilah Yusuf
  • Kuala Lumpur | October 2016

Can't deny that it is super easy dealing with Bateriku. When they say that they'd come at 6pm, they're already here at 5.55pm. I was attended by Mr Azmi @pokmie and he did an excellent job. Very efficient. Everything was done in no time. Definitely will recommend Bateriku to my family and friends for I am one very happy and satisfied customer. No kidding

Mastura for
  • Wyndson Lee
  • Selangor | October 2016

Changed my car battery last week and car can't start last nite. Tot it is battery problem. Called them and they came all the way from Putrajaya to Sri Petaling braving the nite rain. They check the battery and realise it is still in good condition. So it is my car problem. No charge for their service to come and check. And they rushed back to Putrajaya. So sorry to waste their time. Top notch service. TQ


Zamri Mustafa for
  • Zamri Mustafa
  • Selangor | August 2015 - So excellent services being provided!


Naufal Noori for
  • Naufal Noori
  • Kuala Lumpur | August 2015

Service is excellent. The message was responded quickly. My battery 'kong' out. I called service centre and spare part shops to get better price. They quoted between RM220 to RM350 and I had to trade my old battery. offered a brand new Century battery under RM200.00. I agreed on the offer. It is new battery with one year warranty. Warranty card is also provided. Price is inclusive of free delivery and installation on the spot. It's easy and highly recommended for all car drivers out there. is the best Mobile Battery Service around.


Thirukuhanathan Vijayan for
  • Thirukuhanathan
  • Petaling Jaya Selangor | August 2015

My car battery had issue and ended up with I had to change the battery. I had contacted Bateriku team and they came to my office. They firstly checked my car wiring and alternator before changing the battery. Their service is very good and the person is polite and very friendly. I would like to thank the brother and Bateriku team for providing such a good service!


Kamal Khan for
  • Kamal Khan
  • Shah Alam, Selangor | August 2015

Services provided are very good and efficient. Customer friendly. It was worthwhile to deal with bateriku. Fast and cheap.


Puan Sarah for
  • Pn Sarah
  • Saujana Putra, Selangor | August 2015 is best service ever. I recommend for every driver out there.


Irawaty for
  • Irawaty
  • Klang, Selangor | July 2015

Good service, efficient and friendly crew. They cared when nobody did and done at the right time. I gave 5 stars for It was worth dealing with.


Liza for
  • Liza
  • Petaling Jaya, Selangor | July 2015

New battery has been installed. I just have to pay the battery. The rest are free. I recommend Bateriku for all! The Bateriku Troopers are efficient and accurate! The crew arrived on on pre-set time. I managed to reach my office on time. No other service is better than


Muhammad Iqbal for
  • Muhammad Iqbal
  • Salak Tinggi, Selangor | July 2015

It was only with a single Whatsapp, they came to rescue. All problems settled. I could use my car again to continue my journey. Bateriku is a class of itself. I would keep their numbers handy and called them should I have battery problem again.


Jenny Yap for
  • Jenny Yap
  • Semenyih, Selangor | Julai 2015

Saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada Bateriku Trooper yang telah membantu saya dengan menghantar bateri baharu dan memasangnya secara percuma. Saya hubungi 1300-22-2324 sekali sahaja. Mereka sampai begitu cepat. Harga bateri sangat murah berbanding dengan yang terdapat di mana-mana kedai dan bengkel.


Ismail for
  • Ismail Daud
  • Pulau Carey, Selangor | July 2015 memang sangat-sangat membantu diwaktu anda dalam kecemasan bila tiba-tiba sahaja kereta anda mati di tepi jalan yang agak sunyi lebih-lebih lagi pada waktu malam. Satu teks whatsapp saya buat. Bantuan sampai amat cepat. Masalah selesai. Saya selamat sampai ke rumah. Saya bayar harga bateri sahaja. Yang lain PERCUMA. Keesokannya mereka membuat lawatan susulan. memang kelas.