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The gig economy sector can be defined as an ‘On Demand Economy’, ‘Sharing Economy’ & ‘Platform Economy’. These sectors are being classified based on the type of supply and demands they’re providing and their working contract terms of each respective companies. The rise of gig workers in the country has affected the economic growth exponentially, more seemingly in Malaysia since the start of the global pandemic in March 2020. 

With a straightforward procedure and being able to work on a short-term and payment by task basis, gig workers are able to make a decent amount of income on the side or even commit to it as a source of income. Organisations who are largely associated and operating heavily under the aspect of these services includes Bateriku.com (Roadside Assistance), Grab Food (Food Delivery), J&T (Parcel Delivery), Airbnb (Accommodation) to name few.  

Nowadays, there are even companies who offers grocery delivery like Tesco Delivery and Food Panda Grocery Delivery. There are almost 13,000 Food Panda riders in Klang Valley, along with Grab who are actively servicing in the area and the numbers are rapidly growing especially in the urban areas of Klang Valley. Furthermore, these companies provide an easy-to-use mobile App which is used by not only the customers, but the gig workers as well.  

This has made it more convenient for the customers and easy for the gig workers to navigate and communicate with the company in terms of the assigned jobs. Bateriku.com started to adopt the gig economy model back during its 3rd year of operation in 2017. This was a period when Bateriku.com realize that she needed more front-liners to be able to serve the growing market for on-demand battery replacement services at its operating branches. 

The localities include the norther region of Penang, Southern region of Johor, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan as well as the East coast region of Pahang. Today, Bateriku.com has successfully onboarded more than 500 gig workers nationwide under the BHero Program, fulfilling demands efficiently and more importantly maintaining its product and service quality to customers, every time, all the time. 

The feat was made possible through the practise of an inclusive ecosystem that sees employees of Bateriku.com and the gig workers working seamlessly in creating an awesome customer experience throughout a customer’s journey. To date, Bateriku.com has spent more than RM10 Million in commission pay-outs to its BHero with average orders hovering between the 250 to 300 sales converted per-day. The services covered by these BHero include battery replacements as well as jumpstart services. 

With the economical state in the country, this trend will be ongoing until all sectors are able to be operational again. With all the uncertainties that's going on, the new norm that we're enduring now might well be the norm for years to come. If you’re interested to become a BHero, drop us an email Bhero@bateriku.com to find out more.


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