Salman, Bateriku Preneur Keramat KL

Our very own Baterikupreneur Salman shares his story on how he decided to be part of Bateriku.com and how it changed his life from working multiple jobs within the gig economy sector including GRAB and tourist driver to owning his own dealership.

Known as ‘Aman’ by his friends and customers, Salman is currently operating his own dealership store under the Baterikupreneur program in the busy city centre of Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. After multiple stints in the gig economy, he decided that he wanted to find something that could let him spend more time with his family, especially when he also has a bedridden father whom he took responsibility for his well being from hospital appointments and daily care.

Being part of the Baterikupreneur program gives Salman the freedom to manage his working schedule and his family. Also with his easy-going personality and strong integrity, he has managed to gain his own network of customers who trust and depend on his services. 

The all convenient Bateriku Mobile Application provided for the Baterikupreneures and Heroes have made it easy for them to attend customers provided from the app. Bateriku.com gives freedom for them to execute their task but with a set of regulations that needs to be followed in ensuring the qualities of all Bateriku.com services remain standardized. 

Today, Salman continues to provide his services to vehicle owners within the Keramat radius whilst supporting his wife, two children and father.

Bateriku.com is still opening this opportunity for those who are interested! Send your interest via email to dealership@bateriku.com for more information. Watch the full video of Salman’s experience as a Baterikupreneur :

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