Platin’s rise as a major contender against
prominent car battery brand in Malaysia – It’s happening!

On-demand car battery replacement provider, Bateriku.com has shaken up the industry with the launch of Platin. Taking over its natural progression as a car battery distributor for major brands such as Amaron, Century and Varta, Platin was unveiled to the Malaysian market in January 2021 providing car owners more options when it comes to replacing the ‘heart’ of the car with a product that is non-compromising in its quality but at the same time competitive in its pricing.

Platin is a car battery brand that originated in Turkey and Bateriku.com is determine in fulfilling Platin’s potential as a prominent product that’s right up there with established car battery brands in Malaysia. Using its 7 years of industry experience, Bateriku.com is confident to introduce Platin to its growing 500,000 nationwide customer base as a product that has the best value; comparable to other established battery brands in Malaysia.

Bateriku.com was appointed as the exclusive distributor in Malaysia by Yigitaku, an automotive and industrial battery solution provider that is based in Ankara, Turkey. Winner of the prestigious ASO award of merit, ISO innovation award and the golden brand award, Yigitaku’s manufacturing facility produces 3.5 million batteries annually exporting to more than 90 countries in 5 continents including Europe, Africa, Asia, America and the Middle East with its wide product range that includes military grade batteries that are supplied to the Turkish military as well as countries within NATO.

Although Platin has a strong presence in the European market, to grow an unknown brand in Malaysia – which consumers are known to be conservative and brand-conscious represents a unique challenge.

European automotive products are well known here because of its high import duties. Bateriku.com’s strategy was to introduce Platin as a car battery that has the best value in terms of: price versus performance and spec, with below the typical market-driven pricing. The 1st batch that was introduced to the Malaysian market in January 21 includes 6 battery types suitable for continental and oriental cars. With all car batteries supplied being maintenance free, Platin is powered by an unprecedented 18-months nationwide warranty program that is being taken care of by Bateriku.com.

In addition, Malaysia’s climate and road conditions are well known to be hard on car batteries. It is an advantage that Platin comes from Turkey, which climate is even more extreme and with a specialty in manufacturing military grade batteries, Platin batteries are high in endurance and excels in extreme climates.

Generally, Bateriku.com’s customers are not disappointed. They have found strong battery performance in Platin batteries and are excited to share the brand with their friends and family. Positive experience with Platin batteries has had great positive impact on the product adoption locally.

Furthermore, its pricing edge also appealed to end-users considering calamity in economic conditions caused by the global pandemic. As a result, all Platin stocks for continental cars including Platin Premium Din55 L/R (RM280.00), Din75L (RM470.00), Platin Silver Din 80L (RM550.00) and Din100L (RM590.00) were sold out within 2 months setting afoot in Malaysian shores. Meanwhile, stocks for oriental cars namely 105D31R/L (RM390.00) was sold out too with limited stock for 75D23L (RM320.00) are left available in Bateriku.com’s nationwide outlet.

The first week of June 21 will see the 2nd batch of Platin car batteries arriving onto Malaysian shores and this time with more product types to cater national and oriental cars namely with NS40Z/L (RM200.00) and NS60L/R (RM220.00). Consumers will also be provided installment payment plans via Bateriku.com’s paylater facility with up to 12 times of payment being warranted for each car battery purchase.

The second batch provides working, middle-class and oriental car owners an option not to be missed considering consumers great confidence in the longevity of the product coupled with Bateriku.com’s reliable nationwide after-sales support.

The new batch will be made available nationwide through Bateriku.com’s BPreneur outlets in key economic regions including Klang Valley, Southern, Northern and the East Coast. As of today, there are a total of 71 BPreneur outlets within Peninsular Malaysia that sells Bateriku.com’s official product range and supports Bateriku.com nationwide after-sales support program.

To all car owners out there, stay at home, stay safe and if you need to get your car batteries checked or fixed, you can reach us through our hotline 011 1600 600 8, mobile app, web booking and even on Bateriku.com’s official social media platforms.


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