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Nationwide After Sales Support Services

As of today, Bateriku.com is the only battery service provider that offers nationwide after sales support through the brand’s ecosystem stakeholders namely Bateriku.com’s branches, dealers and partners’ network.

The A-Team

At the heart of Bateriku.com’s operation is its 20 strong in-house Mobile Technicians (MOTEC), currently known as the A-Team.

The A-Team is spread across all Bateriku.coms’ operating branches in the Klang Valley, Southern, Northern and East Coast regions providing battery related services and automotive diagnostic services directly to car owners.

A highly distinguished ambassadors for the brand, their on-the-ground reputation with customers remains as the foundation that has built the brand today.

Each member of the A-Team is professionally certified and well-equipped with extensive on-the-ground knowledge. Cumulatively, the A-Team have completed more than 100,000 battery installation and services since the company’s inception in 2014.

The BHero

As demand grew within the vicinity of Bateriku.com’s operating regions Bateriku.com decided to adopt the sharing economy approach in 2017 to onboard GIG workers known as BHero into its ecosystem.

Each member of the A-Team was upskilled as a trainer and a recruiter to cater for the influx of BHero applicants. They provide automotive related trainings, quality assurance and even self enhancement modules to successfully recruited BHero.

The A-Team’s experience and feedbacks from the ground are progressively documented and constantly used as a source of improvement by all aspect of operations.

Today, a total of 522 BHero are actively engaged within the company’s ecosystem while being supervised and monitored by the A-Team in ensuring excellent service are provided every time, all the time.

Internal Technology Development

Optimizing the 500,000-customer database gathered is Bateriku.com’s internally developed technology team enabling the company to provide data driven business decisions ensuring sales traffic are efficiently distributed to BHero, safeguarding business expansion through Bpreneur establishments and strategically disrupt the ‘bengkel’ and breakdown markets. 


Bateriku aims to transform the automotive auto - assist industry by affectionately dominating the pulse of its’ business – Bateriku’s Customer’s Experience. Our edge rests in our 14 years of hands-on experience within the service industry and since day 1, we have been constantly and continuously finding ways to improve each and every aspect of our customer’s journey.

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