Become a B-Prenuer

BPreneur is a tried and tested business model to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and like-minded Malaysians.

Our first BPreneur was established in Banting back in 2017 where a physical store-front was set-up to serve the surrounding local community not just to sell Bateriku.com’s products but to also maintain the service and quality set forth by the brand.

BPreneur plays the role of carrying out local marketing effort and at the same time providing employment opportunities to the locals through the BHero program. Today, Bateriku.com have registered a total of 61 BPreneurs across key economic regions including Southern, Northern, Central and the East coast.

Bateriku.com is targeting a total of 100 BPreneurs by the end of Financial Year 2021


Bateriku aims to transform the automotive auto - assist industry by affectionately dominating the pulse of its’ business – Bateriku’s Customer’s Experience. Our edge rests in our 14 years of hands-on experience within the service industry and since day 1, we have been constantly and continuously finding ways to improve each and every aspect of our customer’s journey.

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