Beyond Batteries

Established in March 2014, is a technology-based company that aims to provide complete car ownership experience directly to car owners.

The company provides on-demand battery replacement services and business process outsourcing via its internally built and operate customer contact centre. Through its sister company, Astra Simfoni, is a HRDF certified training provider that provides automotive, entrepreneurial and marketing module to its growing ecosystem stakeholders.

Significant Milestone

In January 2021, achieved a significant milestone as a battery distributor when it became Malaysia’s exclusive distributor for PLATIN, a product brand the company imports directly from Europe.

The brand is spread across four key economic regions in Malaysia with more than 60 outlets offering battery products from 8 renown brands. The company presently has achieved approximately RM 120 Million in battery replacement sales serving 500,0000 victims of that dreadful battery “Kong” experience.

renown battery brands
Outlets Nationwide
Customers Served
in Battery Replacements

Through BPreneur (Dealership) and BHero (Freelancers), the brand intends to expand its nationwide market presence through its Sharing Economy business model. is seamlessly converging its brick-and-mortar experience with its internally developed technology capabilities to dominate the car ownership market. While battery remains focal to the company’s moving forward strategy’s, the ‘breakdown’ and ‘bengkel’ market are segments the company aims to progressively disrupt and innovate.

Driven by its vision of Beyond Batteries and powered by an experienced and dynamic team, the brand is set to soar even higher in the years to come.



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