How essential is your car battery?

If you think that the state of your car battery is the least vital part of your vehicle, then you might want to reconsider that thought. There's no doubt that every component of your car is critical for it to operate. Knowing how your vehicle operates is the most important aspect of owning one. A car battery does not only function as the energy for your vehicle to move, but is also what powers all the other components together. 

As easy as it may seem to just drive to the nearest workshop to get it changed, it is also important to know how the change works and what kind of battery you should choose for your vehicle. For those who think that it's as easy as pulling the battery out, you could be facing a serious and hazardous possibility of being zapped by electricity. Remember, when you’re trying to act smart, your car battery does not only have the power to completely shut your vehicle out when it’s drained, but also the life out of you.

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What is a car battery and how does it work?

Your heart is like the central organ that pumps all the blood in your body and without it all your other internal organs could seize to function, which will result to instant death. And in this case, your car battery works the same way as well. Your car battery functions as the core that stores and jolts out electricity to other components in your vehicle. Your car battery also keeps the electrical flow in your vehicle steady to ensure that everything else is operational while you’re starting your car or driving. To make it simpler to understand, your car battery generates the required electrical current for your vehicle by changing the chemical energy to electrical energy.

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Two type of car batteries that you should know

AGM Battery – AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are among the most popular in the market due to their high CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and RC values (Reserve Charge). The AGM battery is designed to operate at a slightly higher than atmospheric internal pressure and is developed to withstand more repeated draining cycles than standard battery types. The battery is more expensive than other types of batteries, but it assures excellent quality for your car. AGM batteries, like lead acid batteries, are flooded, but the electrolytes are absorbed and contained in glass mats rather than freely flooding the plates. The things about AGM Batteries, there is no electrolyte surplus in AGM, they can operate in any position without fear of spilling.

Flood/wet battery – Flooded lead-acid batteries are the most common form of lead-acid battery. It is quite similar to a dry cell battery; however, flood batteries are classed into two basic types. First, the primary (non-rechargeable) in which the power demonstrating the chemical reaction cannot be reserved once exhausted and can never be charged again. The second (rechargeable) form of battery is one in which the chemical reaction may be reserved, allowing the battery to be charged an unlimited number of times. This is the most prevalent form of wet cell battery.

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Three essential knowledge that you must know

Knowing the type of car battery, you’re using isn’t enough, you will also need to learn a few things regarding how to read and how to jumpstart your car battery in case of car breakdown. Your car battery works like the mind of your vehicle, you will need to know how to crank it up at times of emergency.

CCA’s – We addressed it in one of the previous sections, but if you're curious about what a CCA is, the CCA abbreviation stands for cold cranking amps, which measures the rate at which the battery can produce power in low temperatures. This is significant since cold engines are more difficult to start. The starter has to work harder to get the engine started and the heavier, colder oil to flow through. A low CCA rating battery can cause increased wear and tear on the starter, longer start times, and even an inability to start in cold weather. Choosing a battery with enough CCAs is crucial.

Battery compability – Your car battery comes in various shapes and sizes. This may not be noticeable by just looking at the battery, but in time you will know the difference when you’re actually handling it. The battery tray or battery box differentiates itself by its size and weight. Can you imagine an incompatible battery coming loose while you’re speeding down the road? That is why the battery size makes a huge difference, even for an inch. In case you’re still unclear, please proceed to the nearest workshop for assistance. Always remember that the right battery will ensure no problems on the road and will last longer than you might expect.

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Jumpstart your battery – Imagine yourself in a hurry and all you have in your trunk is a pair of jumper cables. Never disassemble your car battery alone without any experience or guidance. Always read the manual and seek help on how to disassemble it first. Your car battery won’t work and is at risk of being damaged if you don’t take the right steps to jumpstart it. Read about how to jumpstart your vehicle the right way.

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