Five signs that you need to change your car battery

When was the last time you had your car battery checked to see whether if it needs replacement? Depleting car batteries may lead to a variety of undesirable outcomes, such as car breakdowns and complications upon starting the ignition. 

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The best method to save yourself from this is to familiarize with the signs of malfunctioning batteries beforehand. Prevention is the best method to ensure your safety on the road!

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Five battery indicator that you need to be aware

1) Identify your car battery condition

Your battery life usually runs for about 3-5 years. But other factors will also affect the condition of it and determine whether it could last to that extended period of time. But this does not mean that you could leave your vehicle un operational for a long period of time! Your car battery charges every time the engine is turned on and without it being operational, your engine fluids will degrade and other parts will gradually deteriorate.

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2) Electrical malfunction

Depending on the state of your car battery, you may also be experiencing electrical issues in your vehicle as well. It's important to be aware of any electrical difficulties you're experiencing, such as no lights turning on when you start your car or a very faint beam projecting from your vehicle. The problem might also be caused by a damaged battery or alternator, a blown fuse, or a loose electrical connection in your car. It is very advisable to get it checked before it becomes hazardous.

3) Cranking issue upon startup

If your vehicle wouldn’t start and is makes clicking noises on ignition, it is possible that your battery is faulty and that you should replace it right away. In rare circumstances, the engine may still start after a few attempts but the potential of a breakdown on the road is unquestionably high in these situations. To save yourself from the hassle, it is essential to seek immediate assistance at your local workshop, or calling up a tow truck for a quicker and safer alternative. 

4) Visible dashboard warning lights

Examining the dashboard is one of the fastest ways to check if your car battery is failing. Most modern vehicles include accurate signs that allow drivers to spot malfunctioning components. If your car's battery has a problem, the dashboard will light up. The warning light is usually red and shaped like a battery. A battery warning light, similar to a check engine light, may indicate an alternator problem (an engine-driven generator to charge the battery and power the electrical system). Ignoring this clear warning may cost you more money in the long run, so act fast.

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5) Avoid jumpstarting your car battery twice

If you're familiar with the term and method of jump starting a vehicle, it is a procedure where a depleted or discharged battery is being charged with an external power source from another vehicle. This process is commonly done once for every battery lifetime, but if it happens more than once then there's also a possibility of your car battery being faulty. Always keep in mind that your car battery does not need to be frequently charged!

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