COVID 19 Vaccine - Prevention is better than cure!


As the nation grapples with the thought of an extended Movement Control Order, car owners and their cars are bound to be strapped at home with minimal usage of their cars.

As preached through our social media postings and as per our previous tips in the bateriku.com blog section, letting your car engine to run for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day could protect the health of your car battery. Needless to say that a #battkong experience can definitely ruin your day and in this context, we definitely won’t want you to miss that all important vaccination schedule just because you did not start your car on a daily basis!

According to National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) Coordinating Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, the government has revised its targets upwards to administer 300,000 doses per day from July and 400,000 per day in August. This is in line with the global objective of achieving immunity herd as an effort to return life as it was pre-COVID 19.

So, if you have not registered for a vaccine appointment, please click here to get a vaccination schedule for you and your loved ones. As of today, more than 50% of the Malaysian population have registered and we urge for all readers to disregard online disinformation that has left many elderly too afraid to get jabbed and is fuelling ‘vaccine choosiness’, with many preferring China’s Sinovac over supposed ‘gold standard’ Pfizer.

At Bateriku.com, apart from reminding to continuously start and let your car engine to run on a daily basis, we’d also like you to know that we are available anytime and anywhere, especially when you have that all important vaccination date set.

Download our app either through Google play store or Apple play store or simply go to our website www.bateriku.com to find our nationwide outlets near you by clicking here. For your information, we have over 60 outlets available in Peninsular Malaysia while our partners in East Malaysia are just a phone call away to check, deliver and install your car batteries at your doorstep. For emergencies, you can save our hotline numbers into your speed dial at 011-1600-6008. Our standard delivery time is within 30 – 45 minutes upon an order is made and with our Bateriku Hero at the frontlines, rest assured that we’ll get your car ready in no time so you won’t miss that all important vaccination date.

It is our responsibility in ensuring that your car battery is in good condition every time, all the time be it during or after this Movement Control Order.

This is a friendly reminder from Bateriku.com to always ensure that the condition of your car battery is always spot on and if you’re having non-battery related issues, we’ll recommend you Bateriku.com’s BBuddy partners to take all your hassle away.


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