Introducing the largest battery outlet network in Malaysia

The past 6 years has seen Bateriku.com grew leaps and bound by making customer's experience its absolute priority. Today, stranded drivers can reach Bateriku.com anytime, anywhere, hassle-free!

Available through multiple touchpoints, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, customers can reach Bateriku.com via our mobile app, web booking, hotline, Whatsapp, social media or even walk-in straight to our 60 branches and BPreneurs across Malaysia

Half a million customers, and counting...

To date, Bateriku.com has served almost 500,000 customers throughout Peninsular Malaysia - powered by our well-trained and well-equipped Gig Workers.

Looking for a Bateriku Outlet near you? Check our BPreneur Directory here.

Your journey to entrepreneurship begins here.

BPreneur is a tried and tested business model to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and like-minded Malaysians.

BPreneur plays the role of carrying out local marketing effort and at the same time providing employment opportunities to the locals through the BHero program. Today, Bateriku.com have registered a total of 61 BPreneurs across key economic regions including Southern, Northern, Central and the East coast, anad targeting a total of 100 BPreneurs by the end of Financial Year 2021

Less Risk & Low CAPEX

Operating in the largest network in the country with extensive support from us means that you will have less risk and low capital expenditures

Marketing & Training Supports

You don't just open your store and wait. We will also provide you with support for marketing and other training as well

Essential Business

Categorize as Essential Business, it is one of the most suitable business to venture in since it need to be fully operated regardless of the situation
Sounds interesting so far? Join our BPreneur Program now, or read on to know more

What are the criteria that we look for in our BHero?

01. Honesty and integrity

These are the pillars of our requirement. They are the very essence of any hero. Our BHeroes are required to serve with honesty and integrity

02. Passionate with strong business acumen

The BPrenueur is a business. To run it, you need to be passionate about the business and have the correct business mindset in order to succeed

03. Malaysian citizen

The BPreneur Program is open to Malaysian citizen only

04. Valid business registration

To join the BPreneur Program, you need to have a valid business registered with SSM

Our BPreneur Journey

Meet Salman, our BPrenuer from Keramat. Salman has become one of the rescuers for the Bateriku.com's customers in Keramat.

Common questions

Need more info? Checkout the most common questions regarding our BPreneur.
How do I join the BPrenuers Program?
Simple. Just fill up this form and submit all the details required. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as we received your application to complete the registration process

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Bateriku aims to transform the automotive auto - assist industry by affectionately dominating the pulse of its’ business – Bateriku’s Customer’s Experience. Our edge rests in our 14 years of hands-on experience within the service industry and since day 1, we have been constantly and continuously finding ways to improve each and every aspect of our customer’s journey.

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