Diversifying and expanding business, beyond batteries.

Introducing our very own service centre - BGarage

The hands are the instruments of a man’s intelligence and we believe that getting our hands dirty is the best way to implement, improve and disrupt in everything that we aspire to digitize.

We’ve done it for batteries, doing it for the breakdown segment and for the ‘Bengkel’ market, we’ve just recently launched’s first brick-and-mortar ‘Bengkel’ known as BGarage back in August 2021.

Located at the heart of our Headquarters in TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam, BGarage primarily provide services that relate to batteries namely alternator and starter repair works. These services are provided after years of on-the-ground experience diagnosing alternator and starter issues that more often than not were wrongly accused to be caused by batteries.

With BGarage, our A-Team, BHero and BPreneur’s will be able to suggest a 1-stop solution to customers facing alternator and starter issues. Furthermore, with the availability of our BBuddy network, our on-the-ground technicians are also able to offer trusted towing services to customers, with communications centralized at’s Command Centre.

In terms of vehicle maintenance, BGarage also provides minor and major vehicle services. Once a car owner brings their over, we will first start with a comprehensive free inspection to diagnose the car including its alternator, starter, engine oil, brakes, coolant and even gearbox. We will then provide professional consultancy to the owner before starting any maintenance or repair works.

BGarage is our first step in our mission to disrupt and digitize the traditional, brick-and-mortar ‘Bengkel’ market. We will test, validate and execute our on-the-ground learnings before we set forth to set-up our Automotive Bazaar Marketplace.

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