Roadside Assist

Roadside assist

At, we provide on-demand, on-site and end-to-end Connected Roadside Assistance directly to our customers.

From battery replacement services to jumpstart, tyre patching or replacement, fuel top up, car lockout and even towing services, our Bhero’s are ready to provide you the service you need anytime, anywhere. With over 1000 Bhero’s trained nationwide,  nationwide, our service coverage extends to all corners of the country, including rural areas, 24/7/365 via our Contact Centre.

New Website 2024 – Order Now – E-Commerce

e-commerce aspires to disrupt and digitalise the Battery, Breakdown and “Bengkel” market via technology and sharing economy with the aim to provide awesome customers’ experience through integrated and connected roadside assistance solutions to car owners across Malaysia


Established since March 2014,’s HQ is located in the heart of Shah Alam, with a total of 238 employees spread across its regional branches within key economic regions of Klang Valley, Southern, Northern as well as the East Coast. aspires to disrupt and digitalise the Battery, Breakdown and “Bengkel” market via technology and sharing economy with the aim to provide awesome customers’ experience through integrated and connected roadside assistance solutions to car owners across Malaysia


Established since March 2014,’s HQ is located in the heart of Shah Alam, with a total of 238 employees spread across its regional branches within key economic regions of Klang Valley, Southern, Northern as well as the East Coast.

Bengkel Partner


When it comes to vehicle maintenance, BGarage has you covered. From minor repairs to major overhauls, our experienced technicians at BGarage handles it all. When you bring your car to us, we kickstart the process with a thorough and complimentary inspection and diagnostic.

The process at BGarage includes every aspect of your vehicle, from the alternator and starter to engine oil, brakes, coolant, and even the gearbox. After diagnosing any issues, we provide professional consultancy to ensure you’re fully informed before proceeding with any maintenance or repair work. At BGarage, your vehicle is in good hands, and we’re committed to keeping it running smoothly for miles to come

BIRU (Bateriku Insurance for Road User)


Bateriku Insurance for Road Users or BIRU is a program offered by that provides insurance and takaful quotations and e-roadtax service. BIRU does offers Shariah-compliant Takaful products from major Takaful operators in Malaysia.


The service launched in November 2023 is part of Bateriku’s commitment to supporting its users and future ones in enhancing the Vehicle Ownership Experience (VOE) and upholding its “Beyond Batteries” tagline.

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Since we first started back in 2014, our priority has and will always be our customers. Hence, we’ve introduced the on-demand, on-site battery replacement services that includes free delivery and installation.Our model disrupted the Battery vertical via our pricing strategy whereby we offer standard pricing and seamless experience regardless of the customer’s time of order.We began as a reseller of prominent battery brands including Amaron, Varta, Century and Bosch to name a few to cater the growing market of vehicle owners.

In 2022, reached its penultimate milestone with the introduction of its own battery brand – ASTRA by

The signatory purple battery caters full-suite of sizes that can accommodate vehicles – from Kancil to Ferrari. To date, we have sole more than 300,000 units nationwide and in 2023, ASTRA has started to penetrate the Singapore market via our Bbuddy partner in Singapore.

With the nationwide after sales support and warranty offered, we believe the future is bright for our ASTRA brand of batteries for vehicle owners in Malaysia, Singapore and beyond.


end-to-end solutions:On demand battery, breakdown, bengkel services directly to you.

Today, has a customer base of 1 Million vehicles served and the customer traction is still growing strong. In an age dominated by consumer satisfaction, Alhamdulillah, has able to seamlessly adapt its way of doing things with today’s ever-changing lifestyle market.

The automotive industry today is customer dictated because almost every aspect of today’s lifestyle is influenced by speed. That is why have strategically sync’d our 24/7 call-centre operations with various customer touchpoints within the digital space – especially through its continuously improved Bateriku Customer App. With this app, car owners are now just a few clicks away from making their car breakdown nightmare – a thing of the past.


Being one of the pioneers within the battery delivery ecosystem, realize that in an age dominated by consumer impressions, the enablement of digital platforms alone cannot be taken as a guarantee for any form of success. A holistic synergy between the old and the new way of doing things, coupled with how consumers see a brand will become the defining factor in determining success – especially in today’s rapidly evolving gig economy.


Delivering quality products is the pillar that forms but establishing a lasting impression through the services provided is the roof that shelters this company. Consumer satisfaction is key. The impression that we leave to each and every one of our consumer matters – because it is the basis of how consumers and the community perceive each time our brand is made visible.


Being in this vertical industry for the past seven years, seems to have mastered the art of turning the many disadvantages of a brick-and-mortar faction into its advantage. Apart from its growing presence in the digital space, Bateriku,com has established itself as the widest covering on demand battery replacement services in Malaysia, today – made possible by strategically combining digital technology capabilities such as data management skills with its vast and still growing network of ecosystem partners including its BPreneurs (Dealers), BHero (gig economy technicians) and BBuddy (workshop partners).


As with all things, practise makes perfect. have gotten off the side-lines and have begun leveraging digital technologies with our experience in this brick-and-mortar industry. For the past 3 years, we’ve been actively designing new customer market and crafting out new strategies to scale even further. With technology infusing every layer of our operations, digital maturity across has become a prerequisite for our moving forward strategies. believes in executing a management strategy – be it branding or operations – based on the combination of consumer patterns and its ecosystem’s on-the-ground experience that will enable to match different customer lifestyle demand faster, thus creating new sectors to expand our reach beyond the batteries horizon including the breakdown, bengkel and soon to be Bazaar (digital) markets.


Soon, will be able to offer roadside assistance services through its customer app trucks to locksmiths and even to the simplistic services of delivering petrol when you ran out while still being on the road.


Powered by the vast network and experience of, its customer app is built with the intention to dominate and re-distribute high customer demand for better service efficiency, thus creating a strong network loyalty between the platform; between both on-the road consumers as well as the roadside assistance partners.


With brand making inroads into various the 4 B’s sector of Battery, Breakdown, Bengkel and Bazaar sectors, InsyaAllah we will be able to become a lifestyle brand synonymous to car owners everywhere in Malaysia.


Convert your purchase into 4 ZERO-FEE installments. It's that easy.

Shop smart with PAYLATER!!​

Most automotive batteries now do not require regular maintenance, but we can extend its lifespan by checking and cleaning the car battery, as well as charging it when needed.

Make a purchase from as low as RM 50.00 to enjoy’s pay later instalment plan with 0% interest! The best part is that you can now pay with up to 4-times instalment!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop smart for your car only with

  • 4 zero-fee instalments – Shop now, pay later in 4 zero-fee instalments. No catch, just guilt-free spending.
  • Flexible payment options – Pay however you want. Credit or debit card, FPX payment, direct debit — we accept them all.
  • No hidden fees – Only pay for what you purchase. You’re only charged extra when you pay late or request additional instalments.
  • Higher shopping limit – For when you want the better things in life, we offer a higher shopping limit with flexible instalments plan.

Require additional instalments? Don’t you worry! As a company that prioritize customer’s experience,’s pay later instalment plan is design to make things as flexible as possible for our customers.

As a company that prioritize customer’s experience,’s pay later instalment plan is design to make things as flexible as possible for our customers.


Just make a request through our in-app function right after you’ve made your first payment. In certain circumstances, we do charge a little fee for longer instalment period based on the terms and conditions set by our instalment provider: PAYLATER.

Common Question

Need more info? Checkout the most common questions regarding our Instalment Plan.

Contact Centre

Customer happiness, exceeding expectations.​

From just a seven-men-setup, today we have grown to a full blown call centre that manage job orders, warranties and enquiries via multiple communication channels – providing awesome experience to our customers.​

As we hustle our way through, in January 2019, we managed to establish’s Contact Centre in the heart of Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. Our Contact Centre, today is the epicenter of’s traffic redistribution.

A centralized source for orders received from multiple touchpoints including hotline, whatsapp and text messages, the Contact Centre also redistribute orders to the closest stock location for orders received from App, Web, Chat and even Social Media channels.

Manning the floor are our professionally trained Customer Happiness Agents who are trained in providing Awesome Customer Experience, every time, all the time. We believe in building sustainable relationship with all of our stakeholders, both internal and external stakeholders.

From internal stakeholders including our BHero, BPreneur and BBuddy network, the Contact Centre is responsible in creating an agile communication channel to enable an inclusive ecosystem that is capable to serve customers needs, anytime and everytime.

Harnessing the advancement of technology, the Contact Centre monitors and controls on-the-ground job traffic to ensure customers are served within 30 to 45 minutes. Our agents are able to handle high traffic request and make speedy assignments for roadside assistance in regard to battery replacement, after sales and warranty handling.



Today, not only is has able to serve more than 1.3 million customers natiowide, our Contact Center is also responsible in managing orders from Breakdown to Roadside Assist 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 



The Command Centre is an armory for Bateriku to disrupt and digitize the lucrative brick and mortar ‘Bengkel’ market into a single digital ecosystem that is beneficial to users and business owners alike.

Payment Gateways

multiple payment systems

Providing customers a hassle-free payment option

In our effort to facilitate access to our services, we have integrated an extensive array of payment mechanisms on our platform. Our objective is to afford our clients the autonomy to select their preferred payment method, thereby enhancing the overall service experience. Below are the options available:

 1. Visa/Mastercard: We continue to cater to clients who prefer traditional payment avenues by accepting Visa and Mastercard. This ensures those opting for credit or debit card transactions are adequately accommodated.

2. FPX (Financial Process Exchange) : Our support for this Malaysian payment gateway enables clients to conduct secure, real-time online payments using their bank accounts. Its compatibility with various local banking institutions makes it a viable option for a wide customer base.

3. Grab: In acknowledgment of the widespread utilization of Grab services, we have incorporated GrabPay into our payment options. This allows existing Grab users to conveniently allocate their GrabPay credits towards our services.

4. Boost: Recognizing the growing preference for digital wallets in Malaysia, Boost has been added to our list of payment methods. This alternative permits clients to execute payments directly from their mobile devices, streamlining the transaction process.

5. MAE by Maybank: To accommodate Maybank customers, we facilitate payments via MAE, Maybank’s digital wallet. This integration ensures a swift and secure payment process directly from clients’ Maybank accounts or their MAE wallets.

6. Setel Pay: For customers who prefer a seamless and digital payment experience, we now offer Setel Pay. Setel Pay allows for convenient and secure transactions using your mobile phone, ensuring a hassle-free payment process.

7. Touch ‘n Go eWallet: Due to its popularity among Malaysian consumers, Touch ‘n Go eWallet is also supported. Clients favoring this method can expect a smooth and effective transaction experience.

8. PayLater: Recognizing that immediate payment may not always be feasible for every client, we offer PayLater services. This provides our clients with the flexibility to receive our services immediately while deferring payment to a later stage, aligning with their financial planning.

Through the provision of these diverse payment options, our aim is to simplify the transaction process for our clients, ensuring it is both secure and efficient. This commitment reflects our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding client needs, ensuring remains synonymous with convenience and reliability.

We remain dedicated to assisting our clients in resuming their daily activities with minimal interruption following a battery failure. Client comfort, convenience, and satisfaction continue to be our highest priorities, and we trust that our varied payment solutions will contribute to a positive and straightforward experience with