The blood, sweat and tears begins here


Bateriku Paddock is our headquarters since 2018. Currently located at the heart of TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam, our HQ has come a long way from its humble roots where we have now managed to centralize all of our front-line operations within a locality for better efficiency, communication and execution. The blood, sweat and tears of our daily hustle begins here, day-in and day-out.

Bateriku Paddock consist of 5 individual lots positioned adjacent to one another housing our Battery Warehouse, Go-Recon area and most recently our BGarage or Bateriku Garage. Governing departments that reside within Bateriku Paddock are the Human Resources, Finance and the Corporate Resources teams.

The Operations Workforce department (OWF), the Network Development departments (BPreneur & BHero) and the Store & Logistic team are also based here to monitor and coordinate movements for both man-power and stock as well as managing the daily grind of logistic arrangements. 

In addition, the lifestyle digital studio: Motor Maniac by and the Learning & Development Centre are all located within the same vicinity, together with the Marketing team enabling daily contents are constantly captured and developed. 

This is our home turf where our stocks are centralized, vehicles are mobilized and more importantly, this is where a total of 70 strong men and women hustle their way through in delivering Awesome Customer Experience, every time all the time.

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