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Shyamimi for
  • Mohamad Shyamimi Aliff
  • KL | 26 March 2019

1st. time using the app and I love all these - Waiting time shorter than expected, Free battery delivery, check & installation, very informative with tips and advice on battery and maintenance and very friendly technician.


Fadhli for
  • Fadhli Othman
  • Shah Alam, Selangor | 26 March 2019

Super fast action. For my 1st online purchase, they get it done within 35 minutes. The runner is friendly. Highly recommended


Ita for
  • Ita Rasid
  • Johor Bahru | 18 March 2016

Extremely fast and perfect! Everything is done for less than an hour. Highly recommended!


Lock Kam Siong for
  • Lock Kam Siong
  • Kuala Lumpur | 2 March 2019

Awesome Service! Honest and on time.

Muhammad Hafifi for
  • Muhammad Hafifi
  • Selangor | 25 March 2019

I do not know how to say it, but the service very good. 5 stars for that. I personally don't really like to review people or business. But this company really deserves 5 stars rating. Well done and keep it up the good work.

Jace TheFourth for
  • Jace TheFourth
  • Kuala Lumpur | 10 January 2019

100 stars. This is my very 1st time using the app. I've just received a super excellent service by Mr. Safuan. He came on time as I expected. I strongly recommend you guys to go for this service! Thanks #baterikong #bateriku

Muhammad Irfan Abdul Rahman for
  • Muhammad Irfan Abdul Rahman
  • Putrajaya | 24 January 2019

Very responsive, seamless service with full integrity.. Alhamdulillah..good job bateriku!

Victoria Koh for
  • Victoria Koh
  • Shah Alam, Selangor | 14 March 2019

I am strongly overwhelmed by the customer service of this company. It was my first time approaching this company for a battery change and we had encounter some problem due to some careless mistake done by the technician.However, this company really surprised me with what they offered as service recovery.

To cut story short:One of my wire fuse burnt, they exchange the spare part for me for FREE, to provide REPLACEMENT CAR during their repair, to wash my engine & the car for FREE, deliver my car to location I wanted & last but not least,A NEW BATTERY FOR FREE! With warranty!The operation manger even came over personally to rectify the problem. Thank you Reshal!Thanks for such good service and all the free stuff! Will definitely come back again!

Hardeep Meghera  for
  • Hardeep Meghera
  • Saujana Putra, Selangor | 22 February 2019

Top notch service. Arrived in 30 mins, took 10 mins to install and allows for online banking to make payment process easy.

Irawaty for
  • SuraYa Huberdina Hertogh
  • Selangor | 30 January 2019

Fast response, knowledgeable staff, definitely I recommended this service to all of you out there. Thanks

Bernice Lim for
  • Bernice Lim Kangkung
  • Petaling Jaya, Selangor | 19 February 2019

Called Bateriku and they said they would send someone over in an hour, but arrived within 15 minutes. Turns out it was not a battery problem but the staff was more than willing to help me check my battery and answered all my questions. After all the hassle, he refused to accept any compensation! Service was exceptional and would highly recommend!

Syazwan Sahharudin for
  • Syazwan Sahharudin
  • Selangor | 22 February 2019

Alhamdulillah... Satisfied and excellent services... purchase battery and direct to your front door with on time + installation... price same as shop... rating 9.8/10

Jit Hau Lim for
  • Jit Hau Lim
  • Selangor | 17 July 2018

I am very happy with the service by Batteriku. I seldom find a page and give a review but this is an exception. Ordered a battery for my Civic at 6.00pm and scheduled for a visit at 9.30pm. They called me verified my details and assign a very good battery specialist for me. The specialist came on time and very friendly even tho I am bringing him pusing pusing inside my car park maze in my condo. He knew what he is doing, uses specialized tools and a spare battery to maintain my car settings while changing the battery. Explained to me on my battery status before and after, learnt something from him too. In the end when asked for payment, I thought he can accept credit card but he can't, instead of being furious because I do not have cash with me, he provide a solution using bank transfer. That is when I thought him to use QRPay. Very convenient, he learnt new things, I learnt new things, he got his money, I got my battery, he happy, I happy, Bateriku lagi happy. KUDOS to team Bateriku!!!! Will highly recommend to people around me!

Yeoh Pak Loon for
  • Yeoh Pak Loon
  • Selangor | 20 June 2018

Whatsapp them to arrange after working hour. Surprise that their working hour is until 12am. Informed the car model, get quoted for the battery price and arrange for the battery change at 11pm. Friendly guy (didn't managed to get his name) reached my house just a few minutes after 11pm. Checked and found out it's not due to battery and it's the car problem. I kindly requested for him to check my other car battery and he obliged. Again no issue on battery and received good advise from him. The best part is all this doesn't cost a single cent if it's not the battery issue. I highly recommend this and will request for their service anytime if my car battery 'kong'.